VFX Core Concepts 101

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Wanna learn VFX, but you aren't sure what you want to do, or where to start? Director and VFX artist Clinton Jones (aka The Pwnisher) walks us through the basic disciplines & tools you should know that all fall under the big world of "Visual Effects".Have questions for Clinton? You can chat with him directly in the forum:

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Adithya Sathya
Please do more VFX videos
Akanksha Jasuja
Wow u teaches so well, thanks for helping me by ur video. Gudluck !
Alex ACroft
Blender user here, any others around?
I’m thinking of attending a VFX university! Anyone have any experience?
BD Mahabubr Rahman
Excellent video
Babay NV
too much talking. give us visual
I learn more here than my media class 😂😭 such a good vid, you have my subscription 👍🏾
3:57 - 5:09\nThis is why I always get mad when people say 3D is \
I was wondering when the minds behind _Epic VFX Time_ would do a VFX video.
Carolina Jiménez G.
Awesome video! I keep explaining these things over and over ;) I'd be happy to elaborate the 3D part more, it felt too short. Great stuff!
Cesar Flores
I always get the question \
Cliff Shorey
How come whenever you guys upload videos it always perfectly coincides with whatever class I'm in. I go to one of those old fashioned real life film schools...
I already know all this. But I think it would be more helpfull to others if you actually applied the effects in your video (when we see you talking). like maybe track an image on your hand. Or rotoscope yourself out.
Creative North
That was a really comprehensible and elaborated discourse on VFX. Thanks a lot!
Down Hill - The Snowman Chronicles
really good video, surprised it hasn't been done before. Thanks!
Drew Heo
Technically rotoscoping isn't cutting someone out, the term is borrowed. It's the process of adding a layer on top of footage (originally, physically drawing over footage). Rotobrushing on the other hand, is using the rotobrush/masking tools to cut someone out so you can get the asset you'll put on top of footage, and VFX kinda just uses the two terms interchangeably.
Could you do a video just like this, but for special effects? It would be very cool to have a list of in camera effect techniques and tricks to practice. Also a video on how to shoot with miniatures (props and sets) with best ways to measure and match scale would be fantastic. I haven't seen many videos on those topics.
Ed Larx
I can't stop looking at the host
Eirik Midbøe Lunde
I am not a movie/media student, but watching movies is one of my passions. The first time I watch a movie, it's because of the story. The 2nd to the N-th time I watch a movie it's because of the time, hard work and software engineering that goes into making a movie. Thank you for teaching me how to appreciate it even more
Elfar Smári Sverrisson
I'm honoured that you guy's used one of my comps from the film 'Everest' as an example for keying! Been watching you for years, and you were one of my biggest inspiration to start doing visual effects! Keep it up!
Enda O'Connor
I sighed at the same point as soon as Rotoscoping was mentioned. I had to rotoscope gloves onto a hand in a TV series once (a detective forgot to wear forensic gloves) the hands were holding evidence that was a bloody glass bulb full of water, the actors hands moved in front and behind the thing. it was a long long scene, too many late nights rotoscoping it. So the word sends a shiver down my spine.
Ethan Wong
Where do you get the original film footage/secondary recordings (I don't know the technical term if there is one). On physical copies of the movies in the special featuers section perhaps?\n\nMaybe is should \
Explosive Liquid
Has anyone at rocketjump ever worked at a real studio? *crickets*
I got you. No links for Matte Painting in the video description ;)
Thank you for explaining all of this. I didn't know the difference between vfx and sfx! That's what hooked me!
I've seen so much real smoke in movies thinking that its CG smoke that I now think real smoke looks fake.
I.C.E. Entertainment
1st time I've found motion graphics really useful
I love how he sighed when he mentioned rotoscoping. That's the only accurate attitude when it comes to rotoscoping.
Ironheart Fabrication
Very cool! Thanks for taking the time to create this video.
Jacob Sample
Davinci Fusion can do particle effects and CGI, and it uses a full 3D space for compositing.
Jacopo Gabrielli
links conduct to videos wich don't exist
Jake Morales
THIS is quality content. well done
Jeremiah Watson
Because you mentioned it, now RocketJump has to make an animation. The challenge has been issued.
John Christopher
hey hiiii!!! i am very much passionate on VFX but i dont know any software except Ps Ai but im i have knowledge how the things are done !!!! will u help mee
Jonah Perry
This was great!! Loving the 101 style videos keep em coming!
Jonathon Chambers
Question:\nMy workflow for keying is to set everything up as a normal key, but then rotoscope. The results I get are pretty good, but am I doing it wrong? Would I get better results if I did it \
Julián Coutada
Thanks mate! that's a good video to help us explain what visual effects are.. but! I don't quite agree with 2D and 3D tracking concepts here.. They have nothing to do with camera movement, you always can use both, sometimes with steady cameras you need to track 3D to create a 3D camera to have the Z axis data.. the difference is just the 2D track works with X and Y axis and 3D track with X, Y and Z axis... (of course the more parallax you have the easier will for the software to understand the 3D scene.. I think that's wthat you wanted to point out)\n\nAnd! what about painting and removing work? :D you are missing that one ... !! that's very hard and time consuming also! sometimes more than rotoscoping!! because you need to track and roto out lots of things to paint out something..\n\nAnd you have chroma keying and luma keying.. it would be great to add the luma keying explanation to the video also!!! ;) \n\nThanks for the cool video!!!!!
Jun Moreno
I just graduate with a B.S. in VFX and Motion Graphics....all I hear is work VFX monkey work!
Junaid Aziz
One of most interesting and helpful videos!
I really loved the video! but just one question, to beacome a VFX artist is it necessary to study something concrete? Or you just can learn little by little with tutorials and stuff like that
Le Mainstream
2:08 Rotoscoping is when you cut.. WHO ELSE continueed the phrase to himself with \
Leonard Madarang
sweet thanks. I'm gonna go make a transformer movie now
Do things like this more! 101 so we have something to start learning from \u003c3
Lukas Hauf
What do you use Cinema 4D, Maya or Blender or something different?
Luke Hayne
Blender is all you need, it is a bit daunting at first, but when you get used to the UI, blender is an awesome tool to use. It has come a long way in recent years, especially the latest build of 2.79.
Great video,nice explained!\n I hope after this people will know that special effects isn't visual effects..
Malek Latif
This video was really helpful. I've recently started working in 3d fx and knowing this terminology will help me a lot, thank you.
Marcos Scheeren
About 4:30 in the video you talk about lighting using a 3D modeled face as example. I would be cool to see an 101 episode about practical scene lighting on faces, facial expressions, emotions, body, object lighting, reflections, shadow casting, etc.. how to play with light. Great job on the channel btw!
Mark Lindemulder
Hey, don't know if it's just me, but all of the tutorial links appear to be cut off and not working.
Mashtru Peppi
This is the most confusing and half-assed explanation of VFX you could come up with, I can't even begin to imagine someone who's never worked in VFX that tries to watch this video, they wouldn't even have the most basic understanding of any of the disciplines discussed.
Mazeot Higgenbottom
Ultraviolet - From the same guy who did Equilibrum
Videocopilot.net is where you can learn everything ! :D
thank you for the video, it help me alot for find what cool stuff i want to put in my videos.
Just a quick question: How do you get all of those \
Nate's Film Tutorials
I say that all those people who say \
was going to subscribe after watching this.. turns out I already am.
Nikunj Majithia
lol I like how he sighed before saying rotoscoping
Prakash Dahal
I just clicked the video randomly and it made me really interested in learning VFX now. Thanks!
i use 3Ds Max and CC4D
Hey, I'm from (India) n wish to work for big studios like marvel and pixars. Can u guide me for what should I do?? Which universty I should join and How??
1:44 was that the actual footage from Ultra Violet??? I know the film was bad but I didn't know it was that bad
Saurav Joshi
Great insight guys .. your efforts are very much appreciated .. 😁
Shariq Manzoor
such a nice information you shared ... can you please tell me the softwares you discussed for special effects
Soooo, what editing software can you do ALL of this on? Currently I have iMovie, and obviously, iMovie is for beginners, and I've already made some videos with iMovie and wanna move forward.
I'd love to see a video on how to start. Like the very basics of how you get into the world of filmmaking. Should you go to certain classes and how do you build up a career. What are the chances on getting a job, not just for the actors but for the whole team.
it's so cool,nice information man.............thank U so Much...Best Videos For Understand VFX tools.
The Joker
I came because of game of thrones, I want to be a white walker or build drogon
Tutul Islam
How to editing movie.Please talk as bother.
honestly I've clicked on this video because I was bored.. but this video was very interesting, subbed!
Variedad audiovisual
great video, im recently started with VFX in AE, so please do more VFX videos! greetings from buenos aires
Vinoth kumar
What about Body tracking ??
Viviana Soto
the people on this works so hard for every frame in the screen
Ahaha when he said 'rotoscoping' I literally went 'ugh' at the same time he sighed; it's a universal pain.
Wesley Ostrander
Main question. Most important question. \nWhat is the music playing in the background of this video? Percussionist here who's reeeeally curious because it sounds lovely.
Willy Wijaya
Just now I realized the difference of special fx and visual fx
aaron versionwo
Dude is SO bad at explaining any of these concepts I stopped at 1:37 from cringe
Rotoscoping is basically picking cotton in the VFX industry.
amine mk
If you want to do VFX just download Blender its free and it has everything you need
amit kumar
Can you help remote work we need work
5:47 Whats the video on left thumbnail? with the cars
apna jakat Ayy
which software is used for visual effects
baba alaroye
Which apps we can use for this effect
billong amos
wich sofware did i need to do what you are tallking about ?
cinema habesha
Thanks a lot,awesom,explanation.
dendono den
hello i am a big fan please added of the subtitle of french but my english is very bad thinks
I really like this idea, and I wish more people would do something like this - just tell me all the main things that I might want to look into to figure out how to do some larger task. In this case, visual effects, and the many pieces of that. I loved your sigh for rotoscoping--probably my least favorite thing to do :P\n\nAnyway, thanks for this!
was cool to see a model I made appear in this video. :)
omayma wydad
I know all this but I do not know how to implement it
Wish you had posted this 10 years ago before I spent an ass ton of money going to school for it. Great video I'm glad you shined a light on this complicated little industry
Чувак, ты что куришь. у тебя глаза наркомана....
This is really helpful. I have just finished writing the script for a fan film I want to make. It will be filmed on two separate locations and I was wondering how to get the look of a temple built into a mountain incorporated into the footage we will shoot. Now I know. Thanks guys
Wanna learn VFX?\nGo read books, buddy. Lots of them.
Great. Good teacher. Thanks.
How did they even released ultraviolet....
Loved it .. Thank You Very Much
( ^_^ )不错嘛