Top Funny Commercials of All Time Part 32

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Top Funny Commercials of All Time Part 32 ads commercials funny haha

Benjamin Lee
720 it's not a secret when dressed like that
Benny Boy
What was funny about the last 2?
Gabby Mouse
I guess that first couple won't be getting reincarnated any more.
Gio Tsiklauri
Wolfs loved it
Kim Kim
So if the moustache could do that ho about them pubes
Luan - Lion of Europe
Thé third scene of thé Man looking for thé woman had clothes similar to those in ottoman empire
Luca Vandenoord
2:00 dutch advertisement😂😂
Max Fumeaux
Helen Mirren is priceless !!!
Mr. Sir
*more war*
Roedy Green
What is funny about Victoria's secret?
Solid Rusdy
Lol axe
8:52 So if you go to Milwaukee your life will suck?
Texas Viewpoint
Please don’t run commercials while I’m watching commercials.
The Great Philosopher
How is the Victoria's Secret commercial funny? It was beautiful, but it wasn't funny.
ellen pace
So where are the funny ones?