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Siete due oche starnazzanti senza cultura
Allie K
Ohhh maaannn.... One thing I took from this is my day is WASTED RUNNING AROUND! LOL I know we are very rushed here in the USA, and we are used to everything being at our fingertips, but I do like that. I feel like we can get in, get out, and get on with better, fun things! I do love the \
Antonella Decaro
Ladies this video cracked me up. I've been in Italy for like 12 years and even though I'm \
Antonio Dell'Elce
They do sell stamps at the post office.
A restaurant can not have as a closing day on Sunday because it is the weekend that you make more money. Many times they close on Monday or Tuesday.\nItalians do not eat a lot out of a meal and if they do they go to a bar to get a sandwich or some fast food, but certainly not in a restaurant. This is why they are not open all day. It would be a waste of electricity, gas and personnel.\nThe posts are a hell for us too. I advise you to always go 15-30 minutes before closing so you do not risk finding too many people. If you go early in the morning you risk finding the old men who withdraw their pensions!\nIn large cities like Rome, it is normal to find the military. They are not in tank but in big land rovers. Since there are many tourists, they must protect roads and monuments. Honestly, I feel much safer when they are there and do not have the '' easy trigger '' like the American police.\n\nFor mid-August, I do not know how it works in Rome (I live in a city near Venice), but they do not close all the shops. There are some open, restaurants are open (because people go to eat together with the family). The premises that are closed are usually those of the municipality or managed by the state but the commercial activities do not close all.\n\nThe numbers you take to queue are very useful. If there were not many would jump the queue without making any problems. When it comes to going to the hospital for example to do blood tests (you do from 7 to 9 am), many go from 5 to take the first numbers hahahahahaha\nWhen they want to skip the line for the supermarket, for example, with the excuse of being late, do not let them do it. I sincerely after waiting 30 minutes in a row I do not really want to pass someone in front of and therefore I quarrel with everyone who wants to do it hahahahah
Boy Vega
VIVA Italia
Carla V
Maybe you're talking about \
Carlo Caroli
PS...I am planning to retire in Italy....and you will never catch me living in one of those big Italian cities....and I am a Roman by birth....Good quality Italian life, better than living in North America, on so many levels...can be found in medium to small sized Italian cities and of course any place north of Rome....although the South of Italy is magically beautiful and some of the most friendly folks in Italy...but .......things unfortunately do not work as good as places north of Rome.
I'm sorry but do you go into a florist shop and expect to come out with flowers and the groceries?! a farmacia is not a drugstore, it's the place you go to buy farmaci, medicine, that's why it's called farmacia. The term itself comes from ancient greek. In Italy the profession of the Pharmacist was recognised by the emperor Federico the second in the 13th century. It's an istitution. How dare you to say it \
Commie monarchist Mapper
9:13 never been to Caserta heh?
I find very rude to say that pharmacies suck in Italy. It's as if I were making a video from the USA in which I say that american restaurants suck because I can't find the same specialities that are found in Italy. \nWhen you are in a foreign country you would do better to adapt to the local culture and avoid using that snobbish tone. Then I could say that the free purchase of guns in the USA is disgusting because every two weeks there is a massacre somewhere.
Daniele Viganò
Ladies, post office sell stamps, is their job! You are talking about \
Delta Marco
That's not italian culture shock at's only Rome reality….next time go to Milan..It's far more civilized!
Diego Invesini
Beh, le farmacie in Italia farebbero cagare perchè venderebbero in prevalenza medicinali? Già, scemi noi a mettere dei professionisti al nostro servizio che magari se ne batterebbero le palle di doverci consigliare quale lacca è meglio per la nostra chioma!
Digital Nomad Girl
The Drake cutaway!! so good!
Eber D'Ascenzo
Rome & Poste Italiane are 2 big problems also for italian people. But Italy is not only Rome! It as If I say that USA is only NY. In EU countries there are 2 kinds of markets: Farmacia (for example in Germany there's Apotheke) only for medicine, we don't pay insurance but we have a public system -.- ... and cosmetics markets everywhere: Tigotà, Acqua & Sapone, Bottega verde in Italy, dm-drogerie markt in Austria or Germany, Slovakia (or Rossman)
Elia Altair
I'm Italian, but the fact that at the post office we can't buy stamps or even envelopes blows my mind either... Enjoy Italy ;)
Ella Ess
I couldn’t believe how Smokey Rome is! I had heard it was bad, and I’ve experienced other European cities’ smoke, but holy cow. Rome is the worst! It’s like breathing in one giant cigarette, which is not good for allergies 😥
Very fun collab video. Thanks for sharing. Fun fact, 'The Posse Comitatus Act is a United States federal law ... to limit the powers of the federal government in using federal military personnel to enforce domestic policies within the United States.' Generally speaking, that is why U.S. military personnel aren't seen roaming the streets of America, except during certain situations. Many other countries do not have this type of law.
Federica Trozzi
The thing about tap water not being is because of some strict health rules: restaurants can only serve sealed beverages.
Filippo Rubino
Dear foreigners, learn this: Rome is good for tourism. DON'T live there! \nTry small towns in the north, or if you really need a big city then Turin is a good compromise.
Frances Van Siclen
two pretty girls !
Francesca Pizzi
Ahahaha we need numbers for everything because sadly italians can't queue up 😅 Everyone thinks to be smarter than others and overcome the queue. Without numbers, you would see people fight every time in every where!
Gayanthi Hapuarachchi
That number thing at the post office is there in uk too!
Giorge Leedy
Indeed, the driving is WILD. 😂
Giulia Furlanis
Ciao! This was quite funny, and it made me smile as an Italian expat in the UK! I kind of miss my Italian life! (in fact I am soon going back!!)\nThe post office is a mess, but have you ever been to one where you don't pick a number? My hometown is a clear example of that! And never go in the first days of the month, that's when all the \
Gre Thi
the post office is a nightmare for us all boo lmao
You looks like \
Who knows why in Europe there are soldiers at the stations nowadays?? Not a clue...
Isabella Quirillo
It's required by law serving water sealed in a bottle.
U should try driving to South in Mezzogiorno to laugh.\nEat at 17h it's the after school snack for kids or tea time but not dinner time\nAbout farmacia: why u mix health care with the pizzaiolo or the groceries? it's frightened about the health service. It looks unprofessional and not serious. There is hygiene rules about the conditionning drugs.\n\nAbout closure in summer, i'm french, in France, shop or restaurant, every business store must close 1 months in the year, it's the law. So if the shop-store is not closed , he get a fine or a judicial proceedings.\nIn the same way, a store must close on Sunday, it's the law. I guess it's the same rule in Italy (country of founding Catholicism-Sunday is the day rest of God in the Bible). Stores that are opened seven days a week or 24/7 are exceptional and have a specific exemption from administrative center.\n\nThere is 24h in a day, so i don't understand the concept of pm or am, it's more clear to say 14h00 u cannot get confused with 02h00 in the night.
Jay Yoon
I love Italian food!!!! In my wild U.S. Navy days, I visited Napoli y Roma. The courses are exactly as you explained. Of corse, we Americans are so crude. I have an Italian-American friends who did not know what mortadella was. OMG! Many of the cheeses I have to look for imported from Italy to get that authentic tastes and the prosciutto here are toned down and again I had to shop around and taste the authentic Italian ham (not salty enough). P.S.: ZO, you're really cute.
Jodi's Expat Life
Ugh I hated that in Germany there were no \
Katia LaManna
Love these videos with the two of you!
Kim Clark
No stamps in the Post Office, that is the craziest think I've ever heard! Love these types of videos!
LAURA Mognoni
you are talking about my country like is third word . with that smile on your face like u feel better than us\n you know nothing. Post office does sell stamps of course. pharmacy is run by doctors and not improvised retail sellers. and i could go on and on. pls before making a video try to prepare yourself a bit more
Sofia sounds italians somehow. Anyway the transports are extremely bad in Rome... Luckily it is not like this in the other big cities of Italy
Lara 〈3
Everywhere is different. A lot of things that you said here in North Italy aren't true. For example Coffe at the bar, the closure at restaurant at lunch, here there are a lot of restaurant open for lunch, and generally the closure day is monday.
Banks in China work the same as the Italian Post Office for the letter and number combos for different services, usually only in Chinese characters, they always have a security person at the door who will help, but they often don’t speak English and things get fun...
Liarston Dave
I loved this video...I’m italian and I dif live in Canada for 5 I know we italians do things differently’s fun isn’t it ahahah hugs from Roma
Thank you a lot for this!❤I'm Italian and I'm studying to become an Italian teacher for American students and this is so useful because I strongly believe that one needs to be aware of culture shocks to be a good teacher and to make the students feel \
Mackenzie Fly
Law of attraction Italian style! Lol! Loved this video and all of the differences between North America and Italia!! So much love!! ❤️🤗
Madara Lukjanovica
Haha.. I guess there are lot of things strange here in Europe. As a European for me it seemed weird that in US pharmacy they sell everything (!) not only medicine. :D And I'm shocked that there are other EU countries where the Postal Service is even worse than in my country. :D
My 2 cents:\n1. Soldiers around: It's typical of Rome, because it's the capital city. There are also somewhere else, but not that many. \n2. ATAC (public transports). Rome is among the most dysfunctional cities in Italy and ATAC is among the most dysfunctional things in Rome.\n3. Farmarcia. It was (is?) highly regulated what they can sell and what they cannot.\n4. Small supermarkets - as fare as i remember there are everywhere in Italy.\n5. Tap water: sorry you are in a place for tourists and you are foreigners...\n6. Post Office: avoid it. Isn't easy even if you speak Italian. They do sells stamps, but not the \
I enjoyed this video! You girls are really nice and i can feel the excitement 4 being in a new country and all the new things you are not used to. Its nice to see a \
Mario Simoni
Hmm it seems Sofie does not want to stay here.
You guys are really cute :) by the way most of the things you mentioned really belongs only to Rome, I mean I'm Italian and I would never be able to drive there too ahahah I don't know what's wrong with Rome traffic and atac. I live in the north and here, at least in the city where I live in, the bus system works perfectly. I really wish Rome could improve in this respect, because it's such a wonderful city! Love you ❤️❤️❤️
Maurizio Pescatori
Culture shocks... we count in 24-hrs because there ARE 24 hours in a day.\nMilitary... you are the ones who messed up the Middle East but then those guys pick on US so yes we do have military in the streets, as do the French the English the Spanish and so on; and NO they don't have \
Maëlle Rousseau
In French even in Quebec we use military time. btw your video is so interesting and funny 💕 you make me wanna move to Italy even more than I've ever wanted
Mimi's Daily Tangle Tube
i grow up in germany an live here in southitaly for almost 16 years
Notorious J
Yessss! More collabs! Love you both!
Paolo Fogliame
Madonna facocera sta canzone napoletana di sottofondo mi fa prudere le natiche
R Campbell
Softie is quite an accomplished whiner. Please quit trying to Americanize Italy! The \
Raffo's reviews
belle fighette
Red Shrine Productions
A mexican lady that speaks italian is my dream come true.
Sofie speaks with Italian accent :)
No Starbucks....that was a shock. Apparently the Italians don't like drinking coffee with a gallon of cream out of a cardboard bucket! And I thought it was supposed to be an authentic Italian experience.
Nice video, for me It's always interesting listen what people from other countries think about Italy :)\n\nFrom an italian perspective I can confirm everything you said, the fact is many of those problems are typical Rome problems, not necessary problems in the rest of the country.\nIn Milan for example:\n- public transportation works very well\n- there's a lot of cars in the streets but car traffic is completely less chaotic than Rome, and also the city center have strong measures against car traffic (basically you must pay to enter the city center)\n- bike sharing works and is really cheap\n- more and more shops and restaurants are open 7 days a week (supermarkets for example are always open)\n- recycling is almost a religion! :)\n\nWell on post offices you're absolutely right, anyway during the last years they changed a lot and are far more efficient and organized than in past.\nI think that the main problem is the center and south italian culture, people from those regions tend to be more chaotic, to avoid rules thinking it's smart...\nThere's a lot of people like this also in the north but in general people tend to follow the rules and don't be so selfish...\n\nI love my country completely, from north to south and I love so many places in the whole country, that's why those thinks pissed me off :(\n\nHave you ever think about a video with Tia Taylor ( about differences between Rome and Milan from your perspective? I think it would be very interesting.
Romano Benini
Queste due sono simpatiche ma pazze ! Quanti luoghi comuni ! Meno male che l Italia non è come la vogliono . Si vede che vengono da luoghi in cui domina il consumismo e le relazioni umane contano poco
Rome Inside
Gils I can confirm that the military presence is actually a new thing for romans too!\nAs Sofie said, it's because of what's going on in the world right now.\n\nAnd yes, restaurants usually close on tuesdays or wednesdays.\nFun fact: hairdressers usually close on mondays :D\n\nI truly enjoyed this video Zoey and I just subbed!\nI'm from Rome so if you'd like to catch up sometimes it'll be lots of fun!
Sapphire Camui
Rome sounds weird and complicated! LOL - i live in bucharest, and our public transportation is good, and it seems we have the same Farmacia: you go there just for medicine. Some expanded their stock to sell baby products, as well as pricier face and body care products.
Sara French
When you were talking about the cafe, all I could picture was that scene in Eat, Pray, Love when she's trying to order at the counter and it was pure craziness! Haha :)
I loved this! Your look when Sofie said the farmacia sucks 😲🤐😂\nAs an American, I totally understand her view on that. We don't have many specialty stores anymore, mostly chains. We have become so accustomed to having everything all together, or what we want when we want it...Some may not like me saying that, but that's how our culture has become. I think you'll like my holiday blog post coming soon, Zo. I talk about how we expect everything to be available all the time and how holidays have turned into sales for retail chains. I think it would do us some good to have stores close at decent hours and respect more family time. \nSorry for the long comment... 🙄\nHave a beautiful weekend!!! 🤗🌼🌻
Sci Gra
But you can find cilantro in Italy. Try organic shop, delicatessen shop, spices section, or ethnic shop.
I’m au pairing in Verona Italy in January!!! I’m from Ohio :)
Sofie's World
ZO! This was brilliant. I had so much fun doing this collab with you! I died at the euro vacation scene with chevy chase! Can't wait for more collabs...and our upcoming TALK SHOW!
Stefano Picchio
Try a differnt city, the italian culture is not only in Rome. Check out Milano ;) (digital nomad recommendation)
Steve Wilkins
Glad there is no...\
In Greece we also use the military clock
just found your channel and omg all of these things were so true. I'm south african and i've been here for 8 years now, im 21 going on 22 this year.i live in the north by the Garda Lake.Some things i've noticed having gone to high school here is the school system is a mess comparing to the strict south african schooling. Some other culture shocks i've noticed are:\nthe fact that italians are 'freddolosi' and they will wear a scarf a lot.
Vanni Barbieri
Since you're here in Rome, let's go out for dinner!
Weston Junior
Complaining that a pharmacy is ... a pharmacy. wtf?
Wolfy 2000
Everyone in Italy hate the post office
_red_ princess
We actually have something like Target , it’s called ipercoop or centro commerciale
anty B
You are in Rome and you can not find a particular spice/sauce or else? One shop: CASTRONI. Ask around, everyone knows it. A huge, ancient family who has now several big shops around Rome (a very big one is close to San Pietro). Next time, go there!!!
A queste gli va spiegato cos'è un supermercato.
cyprus mafia1312
Amo il mondo e la cultura d'Italia saluti da Cipro stessa persona stessa razza
The military presence is a \
frank onolfi
I'm Italian and love Cilantro.\nActually Ital.-American lol.
Wow, the military presence must be something new. I lived in Milan in 1999 and traveled all over the country, and that was not the case back then.
lisa corimbi
you can't! buy stamps at the post office simply because if you need to deliver a letter or a pack from there you will have a code, you don't need it. as simply as that!
luca valletta
I'm Italian, from Roma, and actually I'm living in Canada and it is so funny hear you speaking about my country! ahaha but you right, a lot of beavers are completely different! We are close in August because is too hot and everything is close in town and everyone is on the beach! Driving in Rome is a nightmare also for other Italian people who leaves outside the city. We are so proud about our food that sometime we forgot about other country delicious food, but there are a couple of shop where you can fine international ingredients like Castroni. I want just forget post office and public transport ! they are so low level!!!great video
marco S
atac means associazione teologica amici cristo
All italian hate post office
the hardest things for me so far have been\n1) the way romans (or is it italians?) speak. they have a very brusque...well let's say passionate tone of voice and often you feel like you've done something wrong but they\nre just communicating normally. also shouting about things! i don't take being shouted at well if i've done nothing to deserve it! usually i'll tell em what to do with their tone of voice but there's only so much you can do when it's a host family.\n2) not being allowed to help with the housework - i think this is a matter of being seen as a guest and them feeling like bad hosts if the guest does anything\n3) small things that are seen as disrespectful that we wouldn't bat an eyelid for, like putting a post it on the wall or moving a chair\n\nas for the tone, it's important to not take it personally and just expel any negativity. i mean that sounds very zen but it's tough in the moment. still, you gotta stay professional. and for making mistakes, it's important to take feedback, apologise, and learn. and hope that that's enough for them, because what more can you do?
pike gear
Come denigrare l'immagine dell'Italia con stereotipi da bar....
Sephora or Acqua & Sapone franchises are everywhere.\nPublic transportation in other parts of Italy, not only in the North, is better than Roman one.\nIt takes little...
squall leonhart
non c'è peggior cosa di sentir sparare cazzate da gente che dell'italia non sa un bel niente
stef 87
Zoey pronuncia \n1. Perpendicolare\n2. Parallelamente\n3. vicendevolmente\n4. Artatamente\n5. Pedissequamente\n6. Saltuariamente\n7. Assiduamente\n8. Estenuante\n9. Lapalissiano\n10. Tradimento\n Buon lavoro = good job!
I've lived in Italy my entire life and I'm still not used to poste office.
In Post Offices Ticket Kiosk sometimes have the \
zenit zenitone
I'm Italian and I've always wondered why the stamps are not sold at the post office LOL