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If you want to start speaking Italian, fast, watch this video to learn some basic, but very common and real Italian greetings. I chose these greetings because they are phrases that Italians actually use. Watch this video to practice and improve your Italian pronunciation. This free online video is a great way to start speaking Italian, right now! Practice repeating the greetings along with me!In this video, you will learn how to say things like: Buon Pomeriggio - Good AfternoonA dopo - See you laterSalve - Hello ❤ ITALY MADE EASY ACADEMYLearn Italian online WITH ME here: Italy Made Easy focuses on teaching you the Italian skills that you need to know to start speaking Italian as fast as possible. Yes, learning Italian grammar is important. Vocabulary words, phrases and great Italian pronunciation is just as important. However, we don’t like to stress too much about all that technical stuff. Here at Italy Made Easy, we do our best to form a stress free learning environment so that you can start speaking Italian quickly, and improve your fluency and accuracy along the way. We even have access for you to practice speaking to real Italians to improve your speech and comprehension skills!-Italy Made Easy is an Italian language learning platform designed to get you speaking Italian as fast as possible. Don’t believe me? Check out some of our free online lessons via audios and videos to see if your understanding of the Italian language improves. You can also join our online Academy and get the tips and tricks you need to start speaking Italian - that actually work! We believe in getting involved with the Italian culture and listening to real, authentic Italian conversations, as a means to becoming fluent in Italian and improving Italian pronunciation. You will learn things like:How to order coffee IN ITALIANThe difference between Imperfetto and Passato Prossimo IN ITALIANSlang and idiomatic expressions IN ITALIANWith our little secrets and tips, watch your Italian vocabulary expand! You’re Italian grammar, comprehension and fluency will also really improve!

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Abisoye Damilola
Ok cool thanks for your help 31st and abroad
Anna Pesina
I have been desperately trying to find Sicilianu lessons on the Internet, without much success. Would anyone know of any such utube lessons?
thank you sooooo much!
Anne Forsyth
We love your videos, Manu. Your enthusiasm helps keep us watching and listening - Grazie mille!
Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa
very nice
Cliff Carr
Thanks Manu, I love the way you teach Italian. A great video to which I 100% really learned quite a lot.
Connie Mei Chan
Grazie✨ How to say the expression \
Deandra Reynolds
My husband is an Italian native speaker from the north and he uses \
Dewi Kristifa
thank you...its great...
Dorie C
Love your videos! Thanks!
Gatto Nero
Manu, you mentioned that \
Thank you Grazie
Javier Villasenor
Dude love the song at the end. Im glad i found your channel. Im visiting italy in six months.
Joe Goodwill
Your best video of all. So cool - thanks.
LPYB 9509
Thanks I was looking for the differences between buongiorno and buona giornata also cool ending man :), but...one question: I've heard that 'weila' is also used and that it means kind of like ' what's up' is it true? and is it very common?.
R. Ramos Menale
grazie mille! :)
Terri Lee
Excellent video! I enjoyed it very much and find it useful. Thank you.
Thank you. This is the first lesson of yours that I've viewed. I found it very useful. Your use of English is excellent!
Awesome, grazzie ¡¡