George Michael, Mary J. Blige - As (Official Video)

George Michael - As (Official Video)Listen on Spotify - LyricsAs Around The Sun The Earth Know She's RevolvingAnd the rosebuds know to bloom in early mayJust as hate knows love's the cureYou can rest your mind assured thatI'll be loving you alwaysAs now can't reveal the mystery of tomorrowBut in passing will grow older everydayJust as all that's born is newYou know what I say is trueThat I'll be loving you alwaysUntil the rainbow burns the stars out of the skyUntil the ocean covers every mountain highUntil the day that 8 times 8 times 8 is 4Until the day that is the day that are no moreDid you know that true love asks for nothingHer acceptance is the way we payDid you know that life has given love a guaranteeTo last through forever and another dayAs today I know I'm living but tomorrowCould make me the pastBut that I mustn't fearI know deep in my mindThe love of me I've left behindCause I'll be loving you alwaysUntil the rainbow burns the stars out in the skyUntil the ocean covers every mountain highUntil the dolphin flies and parrots live at seaUntil we dream of life and life becomes a dreamUntil the day is night and night becomes the dayUntil the trees and seas just up and fly awayUntil the day that 8 times 8 times 8 is 4Until the day that is the day that are no moreDid you know that true love asks for nothing?Her acceptance is the way we payDid you know that life has given love a guaranteeTo last through forever and another dayAs around the sun the earth knows she's revolvingAnd the rosebuds know to bloom in early mayFor now I know deep in my mindThe love of me I've left behindCause I'll he loving you always.Until the rainbow burns the stars out in the skyUntil the ocean covers every mountain highUntil the dolphin flies and parrots live at seaUntil we dream of life and life becomes a dreamUntil the day is night and night becomes the dayUntil the trees and seas just up and fly awayUntil the day that 8 times 8 time 8 is 4Until the day that is the day that are no more

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One of the best solo artist of all time , my only regret in my life I never got to see him , always believed I would R.I.P may be on the other side xxx
Easily the best Stevie Wonder cover ever done, GM showed his real talent and ability on this clever and tightly produced track.
A. M.
Pure class. My God, how many men on this planet have ever looked this great in a suit! \nHe may not have been knighted in his lifetime, but to me he will always be SIR GEORGE MICHAEL.\n\
I'm choosing this as my wedding song 😍
Unbearably sad....What the hell have we lost...then can be really cruel....but..what a fantastic video...a lot of effort went into mesmerises me.
Achilles Daniel Adam
Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou RIP
Only George can sing Stevie Wonder.
Ale M
🎂Happy B-Day 🎂❤️ Georg Michael ❤️🌹 you watching all from the Paradise👼🏻 we miss you😭
Alexias B.
Still one of my favorite songs !!!\nR.I.P George Michael :(
Alice P
I love both of them... the sound, the voices, the words too ❤
Andre Gomes
MAry  J. Blidge wonderful...George Michael great singer...SPaulo-Brssil
Angela Denise Davis
Mary J. Blige and George Michael did an outstanding job on this song! R.I.L. George! You are very missed and I will always love you💝💝💝
Angelus Concordia
please God take Lady Gaga and bring him back 😢
Anita Austin
loved this guy so much he will be missed by A LOT OF people 😢😢😢
Arisha Fatima
How come every new song of George that I discover becomes my favourite?
Asdrubale Porretto
stevie wonder and george michael the top ! RIPGeoerge
Russia expresses condolences to friends, family, friends and fans of one of the best singer Michael Jackson's level, but without PR ..
Carla Linton
Carla Linton. George Michael and My Black Hip Hop Soul Sista Mary J. Blige is Two Great Wonderful Artists. As is my favorite Duet Song.
Cassius Outlaw
Rest in peace George Michael 2016\nRest in peace Aretha Franklin 2018
Chad Sanders
If you sing a Steve Wonder song, this is how it's done.
Coordinator UBB
Not only can George Michael sing beautifully he can also move on that dance floor. He is the kind of guy at parties that i hope asks me to dance so we can boogie all night long. :)
Cynie Allan
this is how i remember him RIP
Daryl Allman
I really miss George. Big fan since I was a child. eventually I will pass by his house to pay my respects when it all calms down.
Dawn McAvoy
Miss's him and his beautiful voice he is sorely missed by all.
No singer today like George nor will there ever be again...
Didarul Alam
Still can't believe this....effing 2016
We been fooled! Look how many George Michaels are in there! Let's go find the other ones! 😱\n\nHis name should be \
I am so sad ! I liked his voice so much ! He marked my childhood and youth ! George Michael was a star! I will miss you !
DAMN...I never knew George and Mary did a duet...
Felicia Bucur
HE DESERVES to be CHERISH! HE was amazing, gorgeous! Love you George, as a multiple faced man..! I love what you were!
Gi Gi
Man I forgot all about this collaboration
Horion Fonseca
The Man
In Your Borough Lambeth
RiP George Michael. Another great singer has left us in 2016.
Jason Kemp
How slick does this man look
Jazzy G
Damn, George had rhythm, love the way he danced. Miss this guy xxx
Jean-Luc Bersou
When a good voice meets a good song ! .....
John Stanley
Probably the only white man who could sing with Mary, Aretha and Whitney......and pull it off....RIP will be missed
Juan Mercado
He was the most popular artist for me
Julie Maillot
As today I know i'm living but tomorrow... RIP angel
My idea of heaven, a room full of George's..... x
June P Woo
Rest In Peace dearest George Michael - you are missed
Kago Mabuse
Anyone listening in 2018?
LaVella Mills
Always LOVE HIM..
Lamp Shade
George Michael was one of few individuals who really understood the true beauty of song and how to showcase it with his magnificent talent. Words cannot explain or describe just how truly exceptional he was.
Absolutely brilliant video, miss you GM xxx
Lily Mbk
Omg please bring him back to life ! :'(
Linda Stoklasová
I love how George dancing....amazing.
Lisa Ghahremani
amazing kind and talented human being, I loved George from when I was a child my first crush sooo handsome the best xx
Lone Jo
To think that this song was recorded in two different places(England for George and US for Mary), this was more than brilliant!! Still a very good song in 2018
Lonnie Roberson
Baddest white dude that made music!!!...this remake is just as good as Stevie's!!!
Lysiane Métrégiste
Je me souvient très bien de cette chanson, j'était une adolescente et j'était au collège. Je sais aussi, que c'est un sample d'une chanson de Stevie Wonder ( je me souvient plus du nom). Georges Michael, me manque aussi :'(
So many Gm !!! I just wanted one for myself ...😍💔Miss you😭😭😭
Mailroom Postes
What a shock. RIP George.
Mario Cedillo
it is indeed a very exclusive party, isn't it?
Maxime Mence
One of the best duet ever : George Michael and Mary J. Blige... RIP
Michael Martin
What a talent, sad I didn't ever see him play live, RIP
Michiko Shimada
I just love his moves.
Yesterday I told my girlfriend that I always thought George Michael and Stevie Wonder sang this song together. She said she didn't know any other version and I started to doubt it myself\nThankfully Wikipedia cleared my confusion after I discovered that Stevie wrote and sang the original version. Guess I was used to hearing Stevie's version \
Moomal Awan
my childhood crush.R.I.P
Mr Rotary
Im not Gay but George was a really handsome guy in this vid. R.I.P George.
Stevie must've been very proud of both Mary and George doing an outstanding remake of one of his hits
Nathalie C
One of my fav george michael song, quite as good as Stevie Wonder version
Nathan Quinn
Amazing that the title was changed to include Mary J. Blige. It's not uncommon to not include the names of others in the title (Massive Attack don't, etc) but it's nice that someone changed it after GM's death even.
I would wish dead for every Rapper or Star from 2018 to bring George Michael back! Beacouse he was the best Performence he looks awsome he's voice like an engel! Everything is perfect on George Michael R.I.P Darling 06.03.2018 who?
George was incredibly gorgeous in his 30's...his best years for me lookswise...never liked the shaved head look on him though.........but with his beautiful face It didn't really matter how he had his hair!
Rachel bentley
Hard to get over this year .. RIP another angel
So soulful, makes me want to get up and sing... but i wouldn't want to torture the neighbours haha
René Baumann
He stay alive, So long we think abaut him.
Ricca Shaps
This is my fave. He was great as part of a duo, a solo artist, and in collaborating. Anything George Michael touches turns to gold.
Salieri Amadeus
GM was a huge fan of Stevie Wonder. Check George’s live performance of Pastime Paradise. It’s so moving. Oh, and this song rocks on every level. From vocals to video. 👌🏼👍🏼
Sandy Meillier
adieu michael ! repose en paix
Scotlands Tonic
Anyone else notice George pointing at Mary s feet and laughing at 2.04 in lol
Sergio Sierra Flórez
He and Mary made a beautiful cover of this Stevie Wonder classic, so amazing song, perfectly performanced, OMG part of my youth has faded with the death of George Michael, Prince, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston . They've been part of the soundtrack of my life. So sad George Michael has gone so early. RIP GM, RIP all of them.
Stathis XII
all the dance moves of himself are so cool
Sue Brown
As a Stevie Wonder fan i usually hate it when anyone covers his songs but i have to say i loved this one, George Michael was as good as Stevie here - i love it, he will be such a huge loss to the music industry as he was a genius :-(
Suna Paylan
He's so natural & sexy
Sylvester Gomez
credit to Stevie wonder for the beautiful songs he have written and sang, and to amazing artist like George Micheal& Mary J to cover it ,Just perfect..... R.I.P George
when life is almost ruined, this song is like elixir to my heart.
The BEST 007
Tommy Nico
As much as I love and respect Stevie...this cover is better than the original. It's crazy how good it is!
he has so many good songs, along with WHAM!
Viktor Vincze
Rest in Paradise George! Thanks 4 everything that you made! ;)
William Mokaeya
Rest in peace my brother.
Yoilin Victoria Lamas Romero
Love him, love how he used to dance ,RIP
😩😢🤧♥️🌈👏🏽there are no words to say how much the world is a sadder place now you're gone... your music was there when I was at school and warms my heart now I'm in my prime xxxxx
how much rhythm this man could feel..what a dancer..RIP george you will live forever
Beaucoup de chagrin Michael...tu rejoins tous ceux qu'on aime....un immense talent,une voix magnifique,des mélodies fantastiques....à jamais dans mon coeur
cute girl
A true talent deeply missed, a great singer, writer, musician and insanely handsome man.
i'm still in pain...we lost such a brilliant Artist, an incredible legend, pure soul, beautiful Man ...\nR.I.P Love..
how idiot and frustrated can you be to give dislike...
This brings me memories back as a uni student in Bradford! UK singers are far more talented imo. 80s UK pop is still the best when people made real music!
jelle de hertogh
The way Michael dances , pretty cool ...
Nobody could walk in to a club like George Michael. What a sexy man he was. RIP.
This seamless video of George Michael & Mary J. Blige doppelgängers covering Stevie Wonder's 1976 original was directed by Andy Delaney and Monty Whitebloom and a 1999 MTV Europe Music Award for Best Video nominee. I've listened to and watched this for years and it's still mesmerizing and uplifting. Soul and Swag to the hilt! My idea of heaven on Earth: a beautiful club full of George Michael & Mary J. Blige. They're all the company I would need.
Nice! Now THIS is an R&B jam! George and Mary's vocal's are just perfection! So different, yet they melt in this song so nicely and make it so cool!!!
new balance
He looks so handsome his hair, face, and that suit.. Wow!
nikki woodward
Kudos to George. one could ever sing this song better than he did. ..but i don't think Mary J Blige gets the credit she deserves as his partner in what is, after all a duet.
sonu singh
He is better than all Gods combined.
what a talent. but since his passing I've come to realise how much more i love his work...
with wings
It is my favourite song by George Michael. RIP, man.