Celebs Who Vanished And Are Still Missing Today

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No Jimmy Hoffa? (Not a lot of mystery there though.)
Am I the only person wondering how some of these people have celebrity status when they're basically unknown?!
Either they’re in a parallel universe or Aliens took them!!?
Alexander McGrath
That is a remarkably insensitive ending.
Alternative Account
not disapointed, didnt know any of these
Andrew Ocean
Most celebs NEED to vanish.
Ann TwoShoes
Your background music is driving me mad. Can't listen any more.
Annett Strahan
#police #search #findthem #sherriff #swatteam #urgent #prayers #safety
Arthur J Dale
Celebs? Hardly...
Baka Neko
Is it just me... Or is this music not only terrible, but incredibly inappropriate ?
Glenn Miller? Micheal Rockefeller? Amelia Earhart? I know these are not \
Bobbie Mooser
Terrible background music!
Brian Dise
This video sucked! Only heard of the guy from Loverboy. Pretty obvious what happened to him. Real stretch calling most of these people \
Barbara Newhall Follett's husband barely bothered to look for her, once she disappeared, because he's probably the one who killed her.
C&C Phx
The guy who fell off boat is not missing he is dead, if your ass goes overboard at sea in bad weather your dead he didn't disappear driving to get milk
Barbara Newhall Follet wrote 2 novels by age 12 but was still penniless at age 16. I wonder who stole all of her money? Her father or the publishing house. What an interesting story.
I think you misspelled Celebs who got murdered or committed suicide*
Centrist Philosopher
I wish certain celebrities WOULD vanish; smug, hypocritical talk show host Jeremy Kyle, obnoxious creep 'comedian' Frankie Boyle and arrogant bully chef Gordon Ramsay come to mind. Can't stand these pricks.
Charles Crowell
Where's judge crator ?
Cheryl B
Have no idea who these \
Christina Pirkey
The daughter was most likely killed by her husband. He hardly looked for her...yep he killed her. And the mother is pathetic, how does your daughter go missing and the parent don't know about it for 13 yrs???????? My family would have been frantically searching if it were me.
Curious Curiouser
Yeah. Nah. I have my own theory about women who argue with their husbands and \
U forgot Jimmy Hoffa...
Dave Murphy
The term Celeb is used very loosely in this video.
DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG
What about Barack Obama? He was US President until a couple of years ago, then just vanished. What the hell happened to him?
Debbiecupcakes Staweckimone
Poor Connie😢
Deven Keough
I never heard of any of these people except Richie Edwards...
Died of Dysentery
Bring back Elvis!!!!!!!\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nLOL
Dr. Awkward
This whole video should disappear without a trace!
Elizabeth Slifka
I bet her husband offed her
Evelyn Nuñez
You don’t know how many times I have painted Richey Edwards since I found out about him about 6 years ago. He is/was so interesting...
Gerald O'Brien
Didn't one of the guys from Iron Butterfly disappear mysteriously? Also, falling into the sea and drowning is not disappearing mysteriously.
Eddie Wilson faked his death...
Julian Who are these folk
James Duclos
Forgot the most famous one: Jimmy Hoffa!
James Meade
Makes a change an American knowing who Richie Edwards from The Manic Street Preachers is
Jamie Lannister
I've been keeping a list of 'celebrities' I wish would vanish. I'm up to 724.
Jan Nordlund
I don't know if I've heard of any of them.
Jason Devon
The creator of this video needs to write to all of the relatives of the people mentioned in it and apologise to them for this awful and tactless creation. As someone mentioned, the music is dreadful and inappropriate and the tone of the description is similar to how someone makes a top ten '90s rock songs compilation. The creator just does not care about anyone in this video and it shows.
Jennifer Brewer
My guess, Barbara Follett was murdered by her husband. When hubby doesn't want to look for missing wife, it's because he already knows where he dumped her body.
Both the mother and the husband sound very suspicious, on the last one. They probably plotted to kill that woman and succeeded.
Joel Cole
By \
John DiPinto
Has anyone ever heard of the \
John Wagner
Obscure People Who Vanished And Nobody Cares Today
Joy ce
The god awful background music makes this impossible to watch.
Kim Wilson
Maybe one of Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy's first victims ¿?
Kimberly J. Sullivan
That is such a shame about Scott Smith. He & Loverboy really had a great run in their career in 1980.
Lauren Christie
Pretty upbeat music for this video
Lee Ross
Barbara Newhall Follett was murdered by her husband.
The last missing person, Barbara Newhall Follett, was a sad one because nobody cared what happened to her.
Lisa Almeida
Lol I never heard of any of these people. 🤔😬
Marcus Aurelio
All the Kardashian family and Justin Bieber could do the same...just vanish and never be seen again.
Marige OBrien
It sounds to me like Barbara N. Follett was probably killed by her husband. I say that because in countless cases of husbands killing their wives, that's always exactly what they say-- \
Mass Lass
Celebs? You're joking right?
Metal Mark
SOooooo this is a list of UnFamous people we Didn't Know were missing??? .......... This was a #WasteOfMyTime.........
Min yoongi Trash
Im reading the comments and y'all need Jesus
Glen Miller, Amelia Earhart, Jimmy Hoffa, Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, Harold Holt, Ambrose Bierce, Raoul Wallenberg. You missed a few ACTUAL famous people.
Dam.\nI hope at least one of them is leading a secret life somewhere.
Paid Troll Trolling
I'm *not* saying that it's aliens, but,\n *it's aliens*
Pam Mckellar
What happen to Eddie the singer of the band Eddie and cruiser ! They never found him he just vanish !
Surprised there's no mention of Deep Purple's original singer, Rod Evans. No one has heard from him since the early '80s. The band has no idea where he is or what he's doing. They wanted to invite him the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame induction, but couldn't find him.
only know Jim Sullivan and Scott Smith 'Loverboy'.
Robert Blakemore
Did anyone else think that the Follett woman was Melissa Gilbert in Little House on the Prarie in the thumbnail?
Robert Vongartzen
I like 90% of the Hollywood actors and actresses would disappear, especially the socialists/communists and radicals ones that supported Obama and Killary, and socialist Venezuela.
Wow. That was really sad.
Ruben Delgadillo
Who the F are these people!
Samantha Geraghty
I wish the kardashians would disappear. :-)
I wish all Kardashian’s would disappear forever!! Trashy....
Sassy Assassin
How can a mother not know her daughter is missing for 13 years? I am stunned he killed her and got away with it.
Shawnese Mays
Why would your mother know that you're missing my mother would have known within 24 hours and if the husband didn't bother to look for her after the argument chances are he has something to do with it
Sin City Metal Vids
I regret to inform you all that Tekashi 61x9ine's body was found alive in his cell today...
Tea 1978
I am.saddened that the lead singer of Foreigner had brain cancer; much prayer,please!
The Hoosier Craftsman WORKSHOP with Edward Short
Never heard of these people and probably will never again...……………...
The Sourcer's Apprentice
Add Michael Steele to the list, bassist for The Runaways and The Bangles.
The Tusk Force
Congratulations to Richey Edwards - you're the only one of these people I've heard of!
Trevor Graham Welch
Probably Abducted By A Race Of Aliens From Far Beyond The Sun 🌞 Listen To Phil Schneider About His Work In Dulce New Mexico.
Usama Nasher
Why not the Kardashians, Bieber, West, Minage, Rihanna, Bieber, 1 Direction, Lohan and Bieber?....\n\n\n\n\n\n\nand Bieber?
Virginia Renata Gomez
Poor Ms. Follet...Terrible family she had.
Wesley Tillman
Willahelm Powers
I think most probably committed suicide or OD'd, they may've just put themselves in dangerous places to end up getting off'd, but the basket ball player & guy who left his guitar were likely murdered & of course that one lead singer drowned after getting knocked over board.
Never heard of any of these people.
crimp creep
Only missing to those looking for them...
any chance Justin Bieber could do a vanishing act. along with shithead Sheeran.
double jake.
Why can’t Alec Baldwin disappear and take the cast of the View with him.
fx7x 87xf
Q Lazzarus ?
I feel like the singer at sea was murdered like Natalie woods..🤐🤐🤐
I usually suspect the worst. I think they were killed
jhond Golder
Rudolf Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine, disappeared on a boat trip in the North Sea on Dec 29, 1913
How about Australian Prime Minister, Harold Holt, disappeared in 1967.
junith 369
Wish Kanye and all the Kardashians would go on the missing list
kay lynn connor
Does anybody ever stop to think that they just got tired of all the media attention and just wanted to be left alone and live a normal life.... I wish that I could just disappear forever myself.
lip tutorials and relaxing slime ASMR
Lol, I mean \
Let me guess, Follett's husband was the last one to see her alive.\nShe went for a walk........\nHusband barely looked for her,......\nThere's your murderer.
mark everett
Husband didn't look for Her because He new where She was
mary jane
For some reason missing person stories are so intriguing to me. I guess it's because of the endless possibilities??
michael Longford
The old Kanye west vanished and probably wont be seen ever again.
Always wondered what happened to Sarah Holcomb. She starred in 2 of the biggest movie comedies of all time in Animal House and Caddyshack. Then vanished......
william jones
Never heard of any of these people. Can't believe I watched the whole thing
i know tere are pieces od comedy at some point in the video, but the last one is a bit rude, i mean, is very sad.