Top 10 Things I Hate About Switzerland

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I am a dual citizen of Switzerland and Canada, and have lived in Switzerland for over 10 years. Here are my Top 10 things I dislike about living here! If you want to see my Top 10 things I LOVE about Switzerland, check out my previous video: *affiliate links used*

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Only thing i love about it. It's very very beautiful
HI, Julia, U just need more Roeschti for fast food :) I loved it when I was there :)
Aline Romy
I agree with everything you said. Being from the Suisse Romande i'd like to add that I hate how so many things are only in german or badly translated into french. And having lived abroad for 10 years I hate how stores close super early here, specially if you work or study until later in the evening. It's so hard to do groceries, I really have to plan a head.
Andrew Becerra
When I was in Horgen two years ago, there was a little restaurant in the hotel where the appetizers were 20-30 CHF, and the entrees were $45-70. And I saw the people eating the food there, and the plates were so tiny. On Mount Titlis, I once had a nasty server who took 20 mins to give me a menu, 20 minutes to get my entree, 20 minutes to get my check, which she threw at me, and then dissapeared for 45 mins and I had to go to the cash register. She also screamed at a Muslim woman who sat at the restaurant when she came from the food court next door and told her to leave now. Service and restaurant costs are awful.
Aunt Connie
I think you might be living in the wrong country. Seems to me like you are an extrovert.
Big Small_Travel
Switzerland is horribly overpriced and customer service is nonexistent. Southern Germany or Northern Italy is much better for overall service and quality. Why did you move to Switzerland?
Bike X The World
Kantönligeist is specially problematic for the schooling system as soon as you change canton you may be faced with differences that can cost time for your children to cope with it.
Brooke B
it is the same in london. conservative, rude, bad service and overpriced. at least switzerland is beautiful unlike the uk
Carmen Saito
Funny! I‘m Swiss living in Japan, moving back to Switzerland soon and some of the points (like society being conservative and the work-life balance) are things that really annoy me about Japan and are way worse here than in Switzerland. I guess it‘s all a matter of comparison :)
Charlotte Rolfe
Canada represent! I live in Switz right now too and can relate to some of these especially the service one
Cheyenne Eibler
I don‘ t like american food
One of the things I loved about living in Switzerland was the breathtaking beauty EVERYWHERE. So absolutely gorgeous! The chocolates! Organized! \nAlso I learned to relax about dieting. Take it easy and eat less food and healthier foods and exercise a little. It’s a healthier approach to fitness I managed to get fit and stay fit.
Daniel Graham
I’m also Swiss and Canadian
Der Lilisimbaner
I'm swiss too and many of your points are really true. \nBut imo there are enough restaurants with good service you just have to know them. Also in recent times (about 5 years) it's pretty normal and socially accepted that fathers also work less. And about the Kantönligeist: it's really bad and stupid in politics but imo it's most of the time funny in social situations. For example you make few jokes about this and that with a person from another Kanton but this was never an issue for a friendship or something like that. It can even be a way to make new friends from another Kanton in a group you don't know so it works against that issue imo
Diana Dupont
im swirss and transsexual and i dont care i do what i want
Dragona Black
I live in Switzerland. I wear bold and alternative clothing. Sometimes I get treated quite differently for it. (And not in a good way. They stare disapprovingly and they mostly underestimate me.)\nStill, it's always important to stay true to yourself. You've only got one life.\n\nAlso, it depends where you live in Switzerland. In some places, there are more alternative people than in other ones.
Well I disagree with you on your first point I like to be left alone in stores and to not always have a waitress around me. I have a week-end job as a waitress myself and I feel like I'm annoying people when I turn up every five minutes asking if everything's alright.\nBesides, I guess the service in restaurants in the states and probably Canada too is only so good bc they depend on the tip, here wages are high enough.
Eric Hurner
I'm Swiss and South African and I can understand a lot of what you're saying, except that the things that bother you about shopping here are pretty irrelevant to me. I'm also not impressed with the food, particularly at that price, but then, I like African meals and avoid fast food whenever I can.I find the degree of self-satsifaction here pretty hard to take as well, and the tendency people have to keep their eye on what you're doing and correct you when they believe you're stepping out of line. It's unbelievable to me that anyone could have dogmas about how to hang washing, issue a dog with a Swiss passport - you name it...
All of this is literally the same as Denmark. Everything here is so expensive, and we have to pay 25% extra on all imported products and i can only buy stuff from outside the EU if its below $11, otherwise we'll have to pay 25% extra + import fees, which is double the price and if its above $120, we also have to pay taxes to get it, which is 45%, so it sucks. And we only have like- MACs and Sephoras in like three cities and its just bad as a whole.
Eveline 83
Well, the Swiss are very stiff and arrogant, I`ll give you that. The service is not bad at all ( compared to Germany and I´ve lived in both countries) at least in Zürich people are very friendly and quite diverse in their appearance. The rest is more or less true :D I`m a Goth living in Switzerland and I never get stared at or rude comments.
Honestly, I can't understand ppl complaining about working more and not having work-life-balance. First thing - this is a personal decision to make - also regarding how much you want to earn and which kind of profession you work in. Looking at the IT field it's been normal for a long time to work 10h/day or more when there is a project to finish, or some trouble to be fixed. (yes in your neighbor countries ;-)) That's just something you have to be aware of when you choose this profession. (Similar to the ppl working in hospital, it's normal to work in shifts.) \nSo best thing is to be self employed, then you can create your own schedule ;-)
Yes!!! I live in Zurich with my boyfriend and it's so insane. I'm American and I'm used to making friends everywhere I go but here I have like..1 good friend outside of my boyfriend and his fam lol I've only lived here for 6 months and am currently interviewing for jobs but STILL. Not used to it. Agree with all of these but I also love it so much
Finnrod Fingolfin
2:24 that's completely trash! That's just a different Dining-cultur. People here in switzerland aren't offended by the service (lack of) - it's just rather a cold atmosphere in General. The swiss simply are a bit complicated, because they are supposed to be the most european of the europeans - swiss try to deliver what is expected of them and that's pretty much their life. You know: We have those beautiful mountains for the tourists, BUT for us it means, turn left, turn right, up and down, tunnel, new language ... and we've literally tons of foreigners here - so switzerland is essentially a beautiful workplace, but still: a workplace
Sounds like the “Japan of Europe”
Frau Mustermann
In vielen Punkten muss ich dir wirklich zustimmen. Als Zugezogene hier neue Freunde zu finden ist extrem schwer. Und mich nervt es manchmal, dass man hier schon wie ein Alien angesehen wird, weil man roten Lippenstift trägt. Und das mit dem Mutterschutz ist auch so eine Sache. Ich finde 3 Monate nach der Geburt wirklich wenig... aber alles im allem haben wir es hier doch ganz gut getroffen ^^
G.A.P Production
Dafür haben wir dass Beste Rechtssystem. Und man wird sehr gut unterstützt vom Staat.
Swiss restaurants hire servers from all around europe and often with a limited contract durations. Yes, bad service is often resulting. Anyhow, the Swiss are having many small familiy owned and run restaurant as well where even the boss is personally coming to the table for a chat.
Hal A.
That’s why I buy my mascaras in bunch from France :)
Hannah Koenig
One think I always struggled with when I lived in Switzerland on and off was how it's not a very lively county. If you want to party or go out there are very few options eve when I was in Geneva. I would love to move back when I am older. It's a beautiful country plus there is no other country that does Apfelschorle as well as the Swiss 😊
Hanneslores Graf
I love living in Switzerland. For me it is like a paradise. But you are right. Most of my female friends want to be housewifes which i find is horrible!!! As a hard working woman it is sometimes difficult to find female friends with which i can speak about business, sciene and IT. This is truly sad. I hope this will change in the future.
Switzerland is like a village, and a big group of people living there have the village attitude: closed and conservative. Women did not have the right to vote till just recently. Women in Switzerland gained the right to vote in 1971, however some parts of Switzerland continued banning women from voting till 1991!!!! In 1991, the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland kind of forced the last Canton \
Isabelle Boulanger
That's so interesting! I love these kinds of videos from you Julia, you're just so honnest. I would love to see a 10 things you love/hate about Canada, being Canadian myself I would find that very interesting, especially since you have the kind of perspective that few have because of how you have dual citizenship and have lived in 2-3 different countries and all. (Also I laughed at the fast food one, again, so honnest 😂)
Have you ever considered moving to Germany? :) The service sector is also atrocious (guess that's a central European thing?) but in general life costs are sooo much lower and in bigger cities you have a lot of cultural/social/food diversity :) Especially in big media cities like Cologne, Berlin or Hamburg
Jigga jok
Swiss one of the best country's in the world
food like burgers aren't that great in switzerland because they're not really in it's culture... you could say the same with 'traditional' food in every country...
Joel Peter
I really hate it when the waiters are overly nice. Maybe you dont know, but in canada or the usa the waiters are so nice because they live of tips. In switzerland their salary covers that. Its a swiss standard that the better waiters should be almost invisible to the customer, so of course they wont talk to you. And if you ask for special treatment they will usually find you presumptious, as would I mind you, since you'd be putting yourself over the other customers and wont tip them for the extra service. Naturally the more expensive restaurants have that kind if service too, but one needs to be upper class to enjoy it.Of course its all personal preference, im just saying that the swiss waiters are like this for a reason.
I was born and raised in the US (California) and moved to Spain when I was 18. I have now been in Spain for 17 years (wow, time flies by in a blink of an eye). There are some things i want to comment to in your video.1. yes, the US has that \
Katarina G.
I agree, I'm from Geneva and the things you mentioned really annoy me about Switzerland. The swiss moto is to give the image of a rich country where YOU will be rich if you come and work for them, but actually it is an excuse to suck you dry, take a big part of your money and maintain their riches that way. The \
well, I'm a student working as a part time waitress and I feel a little offended by your first point. I am very polite, always smiling and in a good mood. maybe you just weren't at the right restaurant yet😉
Lia S.
I hate that people automatically assume that you have a lot of money just because you're from Switzerland. Like no we also have to pay so much taxes and stuff is expensivee
Lindy van den Bosch
Its also very very hard to make friends in the Netherlands. People have to make appointments to go visit their parents and grandparents
Lisa Hlavackova
I think Zurich or Geneva is ok with weird clothing.. try living in Lucerne.. it’s a damn village not a city
yeah, defiently agree with that conservative norm thing. like here in norway its very much the same and its so tiering like jeez why do everyone have to look the same and act the same way? ive been to switzerland too sooo yeah... maybe its just a thing for super rich mountainous countries with lots of suburbia?
Luna M.
Papa Joe\
Léo Brockmann
I think there is a big difference between the German speaking part of Switzerland and the French speaking part.
swiss robots...i mean swiss people, get stressed up over NOTHING......they are obsessive with the cleaning, rules, appearance.....there is no flexibility and sarcasm.......this tight ass system behaviour becomes deppression and stress....unless you´re a robot.
Makeup Your Mind
As for what surprised me about Switzerland - I've only been to Geneva, and very briefly at that. But good grief was I ever shocked at what a McDonalds' meal cost there. It took my breath away!
Mara Vogt
wo si d schwizer
Mathieu D
I'm swiss, I have lived in the US and I agree more the less with almost everything she said. I have my reserves on number 10 though. A decentralized system allows for a better management of cantons and take into account various sensibilities depending on the population. For a fact french speakers, swiss-italians and swiss-germans have very different mentalities and therefor you could not apply the same rules.\nAlso, on the case of making friends, she is talking about the swiss german area of Switzerland. People are a little more open on the french and italian speaking parts. But still not that easy though. A little uptight.
Mina the fiddler
it's even hard to find new friends when you're Swiss.
Mirjam Anna
Making friends when you're older than twelve is soo difficult even when both people are from switzerland lol
Mustang Rider
Mc Donald's is expensive here because most products are made in Switzerland with a higher quality than the junk in the US.
Natasha M Leon
In Germany the service is similar but I don't mind that actually. North Americans are very entitled because of this 'customer is always right' bull and I've seen how atrocious guests or customers can be to service people. So I think they are treated here with far more dignity. Service is breif and to the point. I'm here for the food and layout of the restaurant not for the staff.
Natasha Niklaus
I'm half Swiss and half American and all these points are the same dislikes I have for Switzerland. The mark up of prices are ridiculous...paying 25 chf for L'Oreal mascara or foundation is disgusting....
Nora Negrea
Making friends in Austria is also very difficult. Also in Austria people stay friends with their friends from school or education. Foreigners have a tough time integrating.
Nukkeproof Turnup
Still the best country
Olivia case
I'm American, and always curious about other countries. Thank you for being honest in this video because I feel just a tad more educated.
Pisces Rain
Switzerland is team no new friends........dang , lol !
I'm Swiss and these are my (perhaps controversial) responses:\n\n1. Yes, servers are often unfriendly here. However, think of it this way: we ALLOW them to be grumpy. Now, for you as a customer, that might be a disadvantage (if you get bothered by it) but for the servers, it's a great improvement of their work atmosphere. If you feel crappy some days, you are free to show it. In America (where I have lived for some time), servers are forced to be cheerful. They wear their smile like a mask, so that after work is done, they can't identify with it anymore because it feels so fake. This is what Marx called estrangement  (\
Robin Hugli
I am swiss and about money it's so true, the best example is McDonald's, a regular medium menu is between 15 and 20 dollars and only French fries coast 4 dollars so you absolutely don't go to McDonald's because its cheap
i don't like when waiters and sales surround me all the time...but you are right....restaurants are not really customer friendly...i eat out maybe 5 to 6 times a year...not more...
Samy Monteiro
Amazing to know those things. Here in Brazil people tend to believe that other peoples countries are better and specially Switzerland. I loved the video you made before talking about the positive things, but this one is even better for me because it is like... ok, lets be real and let's just break down some illusions people can create when they see snipets of a super complex and real country on tv. Great one, Julia. As usual.
I'm Swiss and completely agree! Especially about making friends and the bad service!
Shalane Hawkes
Trump is the president enough said 😭
Shum Dara
Idk why but this video made u sympathetic to me 🙂 i definitely agree with you! 1. Shopping here is so terrible boring, each city has the same stores, there are no cool (make up brandes) -.- everything is expensive, so if you would wanna go buy clothes, you would need 500CHF atleast to get 1 cool outfit. 2.Also the people are extremely unfriendly, not very open(minded) or welcoming.. they use to be very judgemental on how good your status and wealth is on public well standing is.. 3.Making friends at schools is worst thing ever bcs classmates can dont mind with being rude or make you feel „different“ they can often be opportunistic.. and only like you if you have something special on you.. its, either u fit in or you are no one... people are being with everything „choosy“ it stinks to hell! Another point i hate here in switzerland you have barely no activities -./ maybe hang out at starbucks.. go cinema .. shopping ... swim in summer skiing in winter && and parties at night but .. for real? No place really seems to be „FUN“ ? What about Funparks?? Where r u?? ofc you have activity places even zoos for childrens but its again all so expensive and not hyper special (to me) there places where you try 100 new things in 1 day st 1 place and everything is available for everyone ... 4.the weather is a big desl! its only nice in switzerland when the weather is good.. there are times where the sky is grey for 3-4 month and you could become depressed and suicidal af!! I have to leave this country im thankful for the secure we have but you dont get happy here! So for me : You definetley get more as a tourist than a native person that was raised here... people will welcome you more 1000% and you‘d definitely only see the good of Switzerland! 5.And btw if you really want to join „Switzerland“ of its tradition(mountains&lsndscape) then you need to go to the alpes cus down in the cities its normal af -.-
Why do you care what people think? If you want to wear a bright color, wear it. I was once in Germany ( in the country side) and I wore a faux fur hat, everyone looked weird at me, but I didn’t care because I felt good and that’s all that matters. If you feel good with yourself, why do you care what others think? Maybe if a few people will start going out of what’s considered “normal”, more will follow and the perception of people will change.
Sofia Jorgic
Irgendwelchi schwiizr da?
Sven Lima
What I hate most about Switzerland is that people can't / don't queue in a line but in packs. On second place: the climate
I liked the video Julia, I am Swiss and agree xD But even for me it is kinda hard making new friends, I am officially offering myself to be your friend :)
The Deathbed Conversions
Totally agree about finding friends - they stay in their own circle at the end of the day and the smaller the town, the bigger the ´incestual´(among friends) situation in dating
The Travel Guy
Very fair video. I'm sorry there are so many butt-hurt Swiss nationalists in the comments section. I subscribed just because you were honest; NO country is perfect---no matter what the people think! Thank you for the balanced look at Switzerland. I'm from North America as well and understand your points very well. I love Switzerland *and* the truth.
Trayli Styling
Poor service you are right especially in stores
Van Graff
LoL of course there's better service in America, waiters in America are almost slaves ,shitty pay and they depend on the tip's, so yeah they better do a good service...
Kantönligeist... Basel vs Zürii?^ :')
I agree on every point. Especially 1 & 2. No one believes me when i say the level of service here is abysmal. I guess after a while here your standards are lowered.\nNot only is there no junk food but there is no choice of diversity in food. It's just the same all over the place. Sometimes i feel like eating korean food or something exotic and i can't. If they open *one more* burger joint in my city i will go nuts!\n\nHere's what i'd add to the list:\n* IMPORT TAXES!!!!! The bane of my existence! You *cannot* buy anything online without being charged an extortionate import tax, sometimes even when you're not even supposed to pay for it because you haven't even reached the limit\n* Billag. Enough said :D\n* Overzealous cops that will fine you and hand tickets left and right, all the while overlooking drug addicts almost injecting themselves under their noses.\n* The whole mentality of denouncing people. I'll never get over that.\n* Not only are the shops the same in each city, but i feel like the place in general is painted with this sad brush. Merchandising is the worst! A shop branch in Paris or London that will make you want to splurge (Zara, Sandro, Maje etc or whatever) will just look meh to you in Switzerland because they always pull out the ugliest pieces.\n* Lack of entertainment/things to do. Let's be real, other than hiking and going in nature (which is nice but i don't feel like doing it all the time) there isn't much choice. I want to offer lots of activities to my son and i can't. So frustrating.\n\nAs for child care, yes it is absolutely extortionate. It's extremely hard to find a spot in a public place to a lot of us have to go to a private structure. I pay 1000/month for 2 days only. It's 2500 for 5 days a week!\n\nI've been living here for 6+ years and there are things i really like about the place (especially since having a child) but lots of things still irk me to this date and i don't think i'll ever get used to it.\n\nGreat video! Thanks a lot for making it :)
aurore anna
As a Belgian who lives in Switzerland, I can totally relate to what you said. There's an other point I hate about this country : swiss people's arrogance. They judge you when you say you want to live in another country because \
I don't find that accurate about the service at restaurants and stores.. In Canada, I've had terrible service both in restaurants, the post office, malls, grocery stores. Literally anywhere. But then, there have been a few times that we've had amazing service. I that that totally depends on a variety of factors. And not just the location.
das Spieler
Be mir isch immer Top
hemmer irgendwelchi Zuercher da
I live in Switzerland and I totally agree
What shes not getting is that morbidly obese drunken mental do what u want society isnt the swiss. Government have to gather taxes to run the place. Switz is low tax so they get it from goods u buy not robbing pensions or high taxes like uk, usa etc. Being expensive expells idiots like we have to put up with in the uk or asylum seekers begging/ robbing the welfare state. Switz bans halal cause its got balls & puts animals before the invisible man in the sky. Id take switz over uk anytime...low crime etc i bet it has too. If you thrive on destructive self consumption go to usa/uk.
I'm a Canadian living currently in Germany, and I love living here for the most part, though some of my annoyances about Germany are quite similar to yours about Switzerland! Particularly with respect to bad service and the available variety of consumer products. It's not as bad with variety in the larger German cities of course, and child care costs are definitely reasonable. And luckily Germany's waaaaay cheaper than Switzerland, and even Canada generally ;) Switzerland sounds like a great place to visit, but perhaps I wouldn't want to live there, especially as a woman of colour as I've heard it's super racist and provincial over there, and I've heard that from a lot of people.
Where are you? You haven’t uploaded in neither channel for almost a month. We miss your videos especially your vlogs and fitfridays
kate 1983
Stimme bei jedem Punkt mit dir überall. Vor allem im Bereich Kinder ist die Schweiz noch im letzten Jahrhundert 😠
klee blatt
Deshalb liebe ich Köln😊 also Schweiz ist zwar nicht gleich Deutschland, aber was du erzählst passt eigentlich auch zu Deutschland😂 Aber nicht Köln. Die coolste Stadt.. komm mal zur Karnevalszeit vorbei😊
iam swiss did u know that many 10000 swisspeople like me never buy food in switzerland i buy all in german border for the quater of the price
Where abouts do you leave in Switzerland? I am British and Dutch and I live in Geneva and while I do agree with some, I also disagree with some of your points. Everything is ridiculously over priced as you said and the shops are all the same everywhere you go. But I find that making friends is quite easy and that people are very open here. I am a teenager and I go to an international school so I don't know what adult life is like here. Therefore I guess it makes sense that our experiences are different as well. I really loved this video though as I love watching Youtubers who live in Switzerland and I love seeing your perspective on living here! Definitely going to go and checkout the Top 10 Things video! Thank you so much for making this video! 😊
Liebe Julia, einige Punkte kann ich gut verstehen. Das mit den Freundschaften knüpfen ist in Deutschland teilweise auch so. Hängt auch davon ab in welcher Region man sich befindet.Von Einheimischen wird meistens argumentiert mit: naja dauert zwar lange dafür hat man den Freund dann für immer. Das ist für Immigranten aber erstmal unwichtig. Da will man überhaupt Kontakte knüpfen, egal ob oberflächlich oder nicht.
I agree with your points, especially the conservationism and the ridiculous child care costs. I think they are kind of linked. Because Switzerland is so conservative, women are supposed to stay home, raise the kids while men are the breadwinners(so 1950), and all the educational system is designed on that assumption, no chance to drop kids early, school closes during lunch so kids have lunch at home, school finishes early in the afternoon, etc. Of course, you can get after school care, lunch for your kid at school but it will cost you a lot, and you have to sort all that out with no help from the school, unless you ask them, but it is not included in the letter they send you when it is time for your child to start school. We had to find out all by ourselves and arrange it. I work full time and so does my hubby, we are both foreigners so we have no family to help us out, and the high child care is the main reason I have waited to have another kid, because 2 going to childcare at the same time would have been too expensive that it wouldn't have made sense for me to keep working... Switzerland is not the best place to have kids unless you are millionaire. If you want to have kids and the social benefits associated with parenthood, go to Scandinavia. Also, maternity leave is very short, and the government has rejected paternity leave at least twice. Hoping this matter will be brought to vote and the Swiss people will vote yes to paternity leave.
Meanwhile, in America:\n\
I just got back from a week in Switzerland and I TOTALLY know what you're talking about when it comes to service! Especially when you mentioned how they treat you if you want a substitution at a restaurant -- as someone who has to be gluten-free this was a big thing for me. At a sandwich shop in Lauterbrunnen I asked what gluten-free options they might have, and the only thing they had (soup) came with a side of bread, so without even thinking of it I asked if I could substitute the bread with a piece of fruit. The girl working behind the counter had been relatively polite up until that point, and while she said yes after a bit of hesitation, her attitude TOTALLY changed on me. Suddenly she became passive aggressively catty at me any time I asked a question. Couldn't believe it.
ohne mich
I do agree with some of the points even thought I feel you are stretching things a bit here and there.\nBUT the message I get from you is \
Love the video! I'm Swiss and love my country, but there are downsides, and I feel like you pinpointed them very accurately!\n\nOne thing that strikes me about Kantönligeist: I was having a conversation online with an American guy I play with, and he told me about how proud of their country Americans are. I told him it wasn't like this here and he was very shocked. I then realised we don't emphasise \
r. chloe
I'd probably actually like #1 about Switzerland... I'm very get in/get out when I go into establishments and find friendliness and small talk annoying. I'd only be bothered if someone was actively rude to me.
in österreich ist vieles ähnlich^^ obwohl ich glaub, dass wir zb was kleidung angeht etwas chilliger drauf sind, zumindest bei knalligen farben. wenn man alternativ is wird man ja überall blöd angeschaut. teurer is bei uns auch sehr viel als zb in deutschland und soweit ich weiß verdienen wir hier nicht mehr dort(?)
The worst thing about living in the states is our ignorant president!
I agree with the customer service thing. I'm a Canadian who has done a ton of travelling around Europe and I've noticed that in a lot of countries. The attitude of those working in restaurants ranges from indifferent to downright insulting. The thing that bothers me most is that where I've noticed the wait staff being really rude is in countries where their economy isn't doing well and they depend on tourism. But they see us as a nuisance instead of a good source of revenue.
Nr 1: Where? I never had poor service / 2.True --\u003e Best way is to eat home, but if you pay over 100 Dollars then you were at a luxury restaurant / 3. Well... / 4. Depends where you go but true, that's how we are ^^ / 5. That can't be a bad thing + we are not USA or Canada / 6.Soooo....? / 7. Yeah, that's true / 8. I guess we still work less than Americans but fathers could need more holidays, totally agree / 9.The state still helps you / 10. Show me a country where it's different. It's like the USA, Germany and probably even Canada ...