Real Spaghetti Carbonara | Antonio Carluccio

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RIP dear Antonio. You will be truly missed. XThe legendary Antonio Carluccio finally makes his debut on Food Tube! We are honoured to have this incredible chef, author, restauranteur and old friend of Gennaro Contaldo share with us - and you - his authentic Italian carbonara recipe. So simple. So tasty. What's your favourite pasta recipe Food Tubers? Any other great tips or methods for making this most classic of dishes? Please get in touch in the comments box below.Would you like to see more of Antonio on the channel? If you shout loud enough we'll ask him very nicely to do some more videos!Recipe here: x

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no no no... non bisogna mettere l'olio, basta il solo guanciale. \nolio + guanciale = grassi vegetali + grassi animali... non va bene.\nLa ricetta originale è : guanciale, uova, pecorino e pepe. STOP! (NO pancetta, NO olio, NO cipolla, NO aglio, NO panna NO parmigiano e altre porcate varie.)
grazie... real italian food made by a real italian chef.
ANG Belgium
Alex French Guy Cooking
Guanciale is the thing !!! Period. Great vid.
Andy Nischen
Poveri Britannici. ...
Aurora sss
This gentleman is so sweet❤️ I’m Italian and he remembered me my grandfather🌹
Bada Bing888
I made a real carbonara yesterday using Guanciale and Pecorino Romano, fresh eggs, spaghetti in memory of Antonio. RIP.
Betsy Robert
Oh Antonio! Your smile 🙂
He seems like he would make the perfect Italian grandpa.
Cel Perone
RIP A true and wonderful human being the world is a poorer place without him
I admire this guy so much! RIP
Conrad Pinto
What a happy man!
Cooking with Anadi
Rest in peace, glad that this amazing recipe is here in your honour.
Attempted to make this immediately after watching it! Can't believe I didn't screw it up 😂
I want to cook this right now!
Daniel Keerer
Just learned that this lovely man passed away last fall. RIP. A legend.
Daniyal Mushir
I’m italian and this is the best recipe for carbonara in the english language!
Definetely not a Troll
Yep, this is the original Carbonara ricetta but the guanciale have to cook in his own grease without the oil, olive oil is the final touch in the pasta, bravo Antò!
Doctor Becker
I will not speak ill of the dead
RIP I will make this In your memory thank you
Dumpling Sisters
We *love* the giant tweezers that you use for cooking! x
I will gonna miss Antonio. Thank you sir for the cooking inspirations that you have given me, RIP.
El Kheysitas
Today a friend of mine invited me for some carbonara with cream inside. He's not my friend anymore
Awsome old man.
A wonderful man and excellent Chef. His recipes are perfection.
Federico Coppotelli
The only problem is this Carluccio, your restaurant don’t follow your rules hahahaha RIP master properly Italian carbonara ❤️
Felix Wong
RIP. Never forget without adding crrream.
Filippo Lorenti
Finalmente qualcuno che ha fatto vedere come si cucina davvero questa cazzo di carbonara!
Fiona C
Today i made the real thing, the real spaghetti carbonara. no cream! RIP Antonio.
Freddy's Welt
Rest in Peace, Antonio. Thank you for teaching me how to make the perfect Carbonara.
Gennaro Contaldo
Antonio! Bless you! Such a delicious dish! You are wearing that blue shirt again, what have I told you! Love you, G x
Gerard Beaubrun
With his casual yet elegant manner, I felt not only kinship to his authentic persona but grateful for having given us something akin to a cultural experience.\nIt's quite beautiful when artisans allow their craft to not scare us by their underlined complexities but simply to invite us to engage in it. \nAntonio Carluccio.. you have my gratitude and the thanks for the many palettes I will delight with this recipe.
Ghost Dragon
I will always think of him whenever I make Carbonara. RIP
Gianni Telesca Fadda
Just for the Record...i was born in Rome and son of a Chef...THIS IS NOT A CARBONARA BUT CARLUCCIONARA
Antonio taught me how to finally make great Carbonara. The trick was to add NO cream. God bless his soul.
Hetch Music
I added this to my menu in my restaurant and wrote bellow it: “in loving memory of the pasta maestro Antonio Carluccio”
I really don't know what name to use
R.I.P. the legends
I just made this for dinner then. WOW.\n\nCarbonara has always been my favourite pasta. Now, cooking it myself has been a huge deal. I feel very emotional.\n\nMolto grazie, Maestro Antonio- you legacy lives on!
Jamie Oliver
The world has lost a legend today. RIP Antonio.
Jaren Ladia
Oh dear. I'm late to the news. RIP, Antonio.
Jian P
He makes me so calm seeing this video... So sad that now he's gone..... RIP
Johanne E.
Oh, I didn't know he died...I'm so over death. He's adorable. Thank you for sharing your wonderful recipe.
Jordan Leigh
Legend ❤️
I play this video on repeat whenever I’m making this dish. I will never make it any other way! RIP Antonio!!!
Kovács Bálint
This accent is sooo goood:)))
Kresna Dhana
Kaya resep bando
Simple, quick and authentic!
Marco Talami
carbonara is like in Rome. there is only one mistake you do not put the egg yolk (the white part.) (I'm Italian) io sono italiano :D
The scratching of that non-stick with a metal utensil is stressing me out!\nSeemed like a nice fella, RIP.
All he's done is salt the water and I've decided this man is a legend
Michael Gonzalez
BROVO... CHEF bravo
Mike Britton
Wow, this was fantastic. More Carluccio!
Monkey D Garp
Rip our dream grandpa.
Naeem Majors
This is one of the few videos that I’ve actually saved
Nitish Sunil
RIP Antonio
Paolo De Alexandris
Allora Antonio io da italiano ti dico alcuni errori che hai fatto \n( non ti voglio criticare )\n1 quando devi cuocere il guanciale non devi aggiungere olio o altri grassi perché il guanciale si deve cuocere nel suo grasso.\n2 il parmigiano non va messo per nessuna ragione quando devi impiattare , metti il pecorino .\nPS : non ti sto giudicando però ti volevo far notare alcuni errori , poi nel resto complimenti non hai sbagliato nulla😊😊😊😋
Patrick Boyle
I learned how to make carbonara pretty much this way in the 1960s. There was an Italian cooking show on PBS. The only real difference was that then the recipe was for salt pork with bacon as a substitution if salt pork wasn't available.  I'm going to order some Guanciale . \n\nThis is one of those dishes that you can make better at home than you can order in a restaurant. On restaurant menus it is always a cream dish - sometimes it ahs peas in it. As Signore Carluccio  points out - wrong and not necessary.\n\nI was told that the name came from the 'charcoal workers' who cut and burned wood on the hillsides. This dish they could make fresh with a minimum of ingredients without coming down the hill. I don't know if this is true - I've heard others.
Pia Isthebest
Rest in peace. You, a legendary chef, cooked legendary dishes.
Oh no. I just discovered this sweet man and learn he’s gone. I’m making this carbonara and will remember this lovely gentleman as I do.
Roberto Bergamaschi
Realy carbonara? Insomma alcuni errori basilari: mi sembra più una frittata! 1) ci vuole lo spaghetto trafilato al bronzo 2) non si mette l'olio con il guanciale 3) si deve \
I bet he inspired a lot of people! RIP ANTONIO
Septemberbraut 324
Rip Master of Pasta😍
Proper Gent, RIP
Sir_Price ButSecs
Rest in peace you wonderful man ;( #GoneButNeverForgotten
Something Short
He looks like an Italian Don Francisco
Stan Vanillo
I am naughty as well, I take 4 eggs for one person. And the person is me...
Stantham Ive
My heart is broken, miss you so much
The Craft Beer Channel
This man is a bona fide legend. A mentor of Jamie's mentor! Serve this carbonara with a wine barrel-aged pale ale and you'll never look back.
Viorel Shootnick
No no no zi se ci metti pure l'olio col guanciale le arterie ti vanno a puttane
Whiskey River
LOL!!! I called up my local Italian butcher and asked for guanciale. He didn't know what I was talking about. I said, \
William Shakespeare
In honor of Signor Carluccio, I took an axe and destroyed all the cream in the supermarket.
Wu - lay Unysoul
Yu Zhao
What a waste of splendid olive oil. And I don't like the way he stirrs the metal pliers in the non sticking teflon pan.
Yusisi ZOU
RIP the man who makes Italy my fav country in the word
ankush arora
This is where I learned to make the best carbonara.\nRIP Legend.
antonio sasso
Questo prima di morire ha imparato a fare la carbonara. Prima ci metteva aglio e cipolla. Non e mai troppo tardi.
The REAL italian pasta
cecco _
Ahah, bravissimo! È la prima ricetta in inglese di un piatto italiano che segue completamente la tradizione.
grazie Antonio. Grazie. \u003c3
*The main trick is:* that the egg cream never cooks till the end. It stays semi-raw, so the eggs should be very clean.
erkan mania
RIP ❤️
erpel oid
No oil please! 😂
filippo cremona
dio cane \nora vediamo se smettono di mettere nella carbonara la loro panna di merda.CAZZO DI BUDDHA
god bless Antonio. What a lovely gent! I enjoy your carbonara often.
hopefaith loveliving
What a legend!! My family LOVE this recipe... it’s a real favourite of ours x
how to cook by L.N kalula
rest in peace antonio i will always remember you when cooking carbonara :)
neuman horacio
Rest In Peace Antonio, abrazos y bendiciones en tu otra vida. Te quiero
oskar pearl
R.I.P. To The Godfather of Italian gastronomy 😭🙏🏼
saucy boyy
America is good,but Italy is better.
Saluti Commodore Carluccio!\nНека ти је лака земља!
sweden j
Dear Carluccio, you have made us (I am Italian) very proud. Riposa in pace...
Gosh he's adorable!
Ștefan Ignat
Dio te ha volluto cucinare per lui 💓💓💓💓💓\n\nScusate se non ho scritto giusto!
Today I will be cooking the real Carbonara. RIP Antonio
He is SO CUTE I want to try his pasta T_T