10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV! #2

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3:20 reporter lol 😂😂😂😂
At 4:58 it sounded like she was having a baby. What the heck
Abridged Media Source
0:51 He was into it ;) we know Mr. Fisherman, we know... And where was her left hand exactly? She knows, she knows...
Aditya Singh
That fish made fisherman's day.
Ankit roy
Old man's luck
Anthony Liddle
2 will forever be the best
Moral of the Story\nNEVER COMPLAIN KIDS!!
Atheist akash
Anyone from India..?
Benji Rodela
Cats just like that I might throw it out the window too
Breione Rowan
Brittany Ryan
Nothing funnier.
Chiken Nugget
4:58 guys, i thing i found new bird species.
Comedy Kings
#2 LMao i can't breathe
Bahahaha!!! The grape stompin woman!!!
1:38\n\nThe best the funniest
David Messer
#6 reminded me of Al Franken.
Devangsingh Sankhala
1:43 epic lol
Fareed Ahmad
0:51 lucky guy 😁
Gründl Julius
4:55 i cant stop
Haight the Great
Does dude from New Jersey still have a job?
Igchew OoO
1:43 I feel really bad... That must have been really embarrassing yeet
Iqbal Ahmad
There is a genuine case of #metoo Tweet for Vernon, genuine by today's feminist standards of course.
JD Spring
1.50 is fake
Jake Shoemaker
Subbed for the hot reporters yea yea
Jake Yambor
1:30 Kathleen chocron... she just died.
Jimmi K
2:18 \
Joel Penhallegon
Why is it that most women don't mind us seeing them in a bikini, but not bra and panties, at 1:45? \nThey're both basically the same thing, just made of different materials.\n\nSo, the woman in studio from 3:35-4:10 is allowed to make comments about her co-worker in a bikini, being female, but he isn't allowed?!?!\nWomen are equally capable as men at making inappropriate remarks re: ____ topic.
John Brawo
1 win
Johnah Hex
Aawww awww awww eeee oww ow ow stop.. she's dead
Klove 89
That old guy was probably happy when she fell on him
Lance Baker
At 4:00, what do we see that is \
Latravian Heaggans
That number 8 tho😄😂. It warned her. Kitty wasnt playing!
Lego Animations
5:04 that was some scream of pain
Lina TheKitten
#10 I saw that one 2 years ago XD #DutchLife
MGM Movies Games & Music
hey you stole that theme in the end from scarface ost \
Magnus R
0.55, he is placing his hand on her tit. Lucky bastard! :)
Matthias De Bruijn
The first one is fake. It's a commercial for an event.
Mawer Mawerlewzi
I am the owner
Die Amis sind laut und beklopt!
Mika Hikyuu
Fox News seems to attract the most inappropriate people.
Neil Lawrence
Monkeys had the right idea. To be honest, I really expected this to be click bait, however, was pleasantly surprised to find the cute, bikini clad blonde.
Noureddine Mokhtari
These monkies at 2:20 are real thugs
Number One
Did you see how ignorant the male news anchor was concerning another EMPLOYEE of the station? That is a prime example of what women don’t deserve, or like ANYWHERE, but especially from a colleague! Sicko.
Patrick Arseneault
lol 2:06 i think its the most fun she had in a wile with a guy
Patrick P
Not warning the reporter of the (snow machine thing) not cool ☝️😒
Paul Correia
Laughter, is the spark of our existence, so laugh a lot
Quốc Phòng Việt Nam
Fox News seems to attract the most inappropriate people.
That anchorman was a tad inappropriate and unprofessional for a news program. Now, on the beach...a whole different ballgame...
Rico Suave
#7 at 1:41 looked staged, and that dress ripped apart way too easily. :)
Number 8 LOL
Sad Ǥχcciii
I bet maybe all of you came here because of the thumbnail xD
Samko tv
Lol hahahahahahahahaha
Samuel Allen
As Paul Lynde would say when a woman falls overboard, \
Shallow shadow Fire
For all the people bashing the cat and saying the cat shouldn't have done that, the cat gave many warning signs beforehand. He was growling, his eyes were getting wider, and he was hissing. And he was just thrown out of a car, do you think it's a good idea to hold it? Not to mention, she was holding the cat completely wrong and was even bouncing it up and down at a point. She completely had it coming to her.\nAnd to those who are saying they couldn't have been filmed without holding the cat, that's also incorrect. They could've very easily (and probably more efficiently) just filmed the cat walking around or something without actually having to pick it up and aggravate it. \nSooooo....
Simon Petkov
2:45 that one was the best!🤣
Someone From The Internet
One time at the pool, there were siblings who are struggling to swim to the lower part of the pool, they were asking for help, so the lifeguard tried to throw one of those hard donut thingys, but thay donut thingy hit my had and it was so painful, atleast those people somehow reached that donut thingy...
Stephen King
Au au au au auuu au stop au stop i cant breath 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Steve Witt
#2 hahahaha
Sulfia Biss
the number 7 he did it on porpuse
TJ Jones
Sounded like the grape lady got the wind knocked out of her
TSA Master
the outro sounded like an 80s song
0:27 What do you have to say?! lol
Ted tt
2:00 Amazing girl. Somebody knows her name?
1:41 It's an italian show about pranks. That was a sketch. No reason to put that clip in the top ten ^^
The Therion
exit music track = ?
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True Dark Reality
#3 LOL that Anchor was diggin that chick in the bathing suit huh 😂😂! The female Anchor was pissed 😂
Truth Witness
*Thumbnail @ **3:35**. You're welcome!*
10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV! #2
Valerie’s Vlog
4:57 when you see your crush coming
Victor Poulin
1:45 so fake but I didn't care lol
Wendell Sims
Different clickbait same old crap.....🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮
Whitewolf 21
YT Kitty
Zamin Hussain
That girl at 6th one was really cool can anybody knows her name?!
#8 ya didn't see that coming... maybe next time put the cat down instead of laughing at it when it's upset?
#2 had me balling haha
anastasia-natasa adamou
ari neiman
man cant blame the monkey those boobs are awesome
bob bobo
ohoh ohstop ohohoh i cant oh oh oh oh stop ohohoooh ow ooooooo icant breathe oooooo
cze hng lee
from 1.10 to 1.18 you can see right down her clothes lmao
foca foxxi
2:07\nReporter: my new monkey friends\nMonkey 1&2: yea with benefits ;)\nMonkey 1: I get the sides you get the front \nMonkey 2: ok ;)
2:00 oh to be a monkey
minus trpka
the sound guy wasnt actually trying to help he was just doing his job
The woman who stomped the grapes too quickly is Melissa Sander, who later said on the radio program called Totally Real Exposé, \
4:59 what kind of animal noises is she making? Hahaha\nInstant karma though.... coz she tried to cheat
music life
2:23 awwww so cute❤
spiritual rohani TV
Dirty Christian
underfell sans
The cat said STOP way before\n\n\n\nWHAT HAS SHE BEEN DOING WITH THE MONKEYS
xd U Mad?
All these were potatoes\n graphics
See what happens when you let them out of the kitchen? Smh.....
I hate your intro
ღ Sakura Gacha dreams ღ
That’s one dead fish XD
1:45 1:46