Speaking Italian after 2 Months: The Result!

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How I learned Italian:

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I really enjoyed this video! Amazing what you have down in a few months! Bravo!
Daniel Pineda
Wow! I understood everything you guys said in the video! I’ve been learning Italian for about two years. Great job Jan! That’s impressive how much you can say in such a little time. Thanks for sharing!
Darragh Donnellan
Thank you for sharing this Jan. \nSounds good :)
Flavia Sayuri Gordon
Vabbè ma se parli già lo spagnolo non è che ci voglia molto, eh...
Why don't you try Korean ?
Joseph Baumann
Great job!
Marcelo Vandeck
Sou brasileiro você fala português ? Sou seu fã me chama no Whatsapp +5511981355289
Mark Chavez
Dang Jan! Your so good already! Great job my friend!
Mo's Language Learning Journey
Bravissimo!!!!!! Adesso, puoi veramente parlare italiano!!!!! Huge progress! \nYou only had some minor errors but nothing to worry about. I understood everything you said and you can now confidently speak in different tenses. Prepositions are a bit annoying at the start but you will learn them quick by making sentences using them (but avoid trying to use Spanish to help you like I did in the beginning, the prepositions work differently). I presume you're learning mainly by speaking on skype with friends /teachers? That's what I usually do and after a few weeks I was able to speak completely in Afrikaans (my newest language) for the whole 30 min lesson.
Qualquer Um
Do u have heterocromia?
Renzo Castellano
Good job💪💪💪
Thiago Lopes
I wanna learn italian does anyone wanna learn portuguese? We can make an exchange
William Chen
How much time do you learn italian everyday?
Ma che buono! Parli l’italiano molto bene per solo 30 lezioni e due mesi. Ci sono errori minori... ma non fa niente. Bravissimo!
I'm honored to have been able to help and to have witnessed your progress!
max val
Bravo 👏!! Hai usato tantissime parole!! La tua intonazione è ottima dopo solo 2 mesi..\nContinua così!! Ciaooooo 💪🍺