Learn Italian Ep.05 - The Present Tense | Grammar Basics 1

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Ahmed Fathi
thanks alot 
Alan V
As a Brazilian I can understand everything you say. Our languages are pretty similar.
sono italiano e sto guardando questo video.. qualcosa non va
Alessio Baldini
per essere anglofono pronunci bene la r!! Forse è un po' troppo lunga però considerando che in americano è completamente diversa la pronunci benissimo!!
Almas Ld
Also the pronouns and verbs are so similar to French!
Ammar Nehlawi
Andreas Olesen
Hey great video. A question: whats the difference between io vorrei, gradirei and voglio? :)
I don't know why people have disliked this video. I enjoyed it so much! And I've learned a lot from it, too! I am a native Spanish speaker and I really find Italian very similar to it. I've heard many people say this is incorrect, although I would stick to the idea that they are indeed similar.\n\nYour channel is so entertaining to watch and you are such a nice person for sharing what you know with the world! :-) \n\nJust by watching your videos I really feel like starting teaching my language to others!\n\nGrazie mille! :D
Angie Linza
I learn how you teach. I am so glad glad I came across you vids. I subscribed and I'm super excited to watch any and all you have. Grazie!!
I just started learning italian, your videos are very helpful ☺
Aʊʀօʀa Sքaʀҡʟɛ
Perchè sono qui?? 😂😂
Baji Scipio Dārayav Aurelius Julian Venizelos Nalwa
very nice
Bat Mann
hai anche video-lezioni di inglese?
Bryan Whitehead
Il nostro insegnante è bello :o
Grazie! subscribed!
Catherine Smith
Currently taking Italian lessons, but struggling! Thanks for the excellent videos, they are helping a lot!
Cathy Melucci
Wow. I've been learning Italian in bits for years but this video has just solved a confusion for me. In a nutshell! Awesome 🤓👍🇮🇹
Charlie Nash
I am struggling so hard with Italian. I have loads of vocab but just getting nowhere with grammar! 
Ciardo Triplodenaro
I commenti qui sotto mi hanno fatto venire la morte. Sia da parte di stranieri che dicono che l'inglese è meglio perché ha una grammatica più semplice, senza considerare che la loro pronuncia è qualcosa di illogico e complesso a livelli indicibili rispetto all'italiano, sia da parte di italiani che non sanno parlare la loro lingua. Comunque molto bravo, la tua pronuncia è molto buona, però fai le R troppo dure e forzate (quando dici \
City Zen
This is by far the clearest and the best explanation of the Italian basic grammar I've ever seen! Thanks!
Cory S.
It's Are, not Arrre
Cur tis
awesome..you just made it easy pizzie..thanks.
Dadda 02
you have to speak better, I'm italian and the pronunciation is not correct like the italian pronunciaton...work better in the pronunciation, and than it's very good to hear...
Damian Maynard
sounds similar to spanish.
You know it would be really cool if you would make a video where we can actually interact with you and make you questions about learning Italian well I know you have a lot of information in your channel and it's really really good but I think it would be better for us the guys that actually want to know how to speak Italian interact with somebody that actually knows Italian well OK your channel is really good and goodbye
David Burt
I am planning another trip to Italy in August. I have been using translator too much and really want to get this down. Where do I find a pen pal? Would be super cool if there was a 50 to 60-year-old widow or divorcee to learn with.
Deianira De Mingo
Oddei, sei molto bravo, però la tua pronuncia mi fa morire dal ridere XD\nLa \
Wow I had no idea my language and Italian are so similar. We say tu dormi for you sleep as well
you are explaining TOO fast.there is no reason to rush,please slow down :)
Genial, he estudiado italiano por 2 años y aquí puedo ver tanto el inglés como el italiano. Muy bueno, saludos!\n\nPenso che tu abbia buona capacità di insegnare. Con questo video ho ricordato cose che avevo imparato al comincio. Saluti!
Eileen Lapuma
Awesome vid very clear and helpful
Eleonora Meneghello
ahahah OMG you've got a supernice pronunciation! (i'm italian)
Elizabeth Gomez
Great, easy to understand lesson.  Thank you for posting this!
Esperanza Salinas
How do we know which form to use in a sentence (ire/are/ere)? \n
Farxiyo Dheyman
Graziya mile mi piace parlo Italian io viva Italian. dove viva furutelle
Complimenti, sei davvero bravo a spiegare! E parli anche molto bene :) E' sempre bello vedere persone interessarsi alla nostra lingua.\nSaluti dall'Italia.
Grazie so much lol I finally understand the grammar
Hola Keila
After watching this video i definitely had to subscribe. You explain everything so well!
Huy Dang
Aw I just adore you
Isis Lopez
Awesome video!! I just recently moved to Italy and this now makes a lot sense ! Thanks for sharing.
Jack George
You're a fantastic teacher :D! I really enjoy your classes.
Jacopo Cannas
Jahadwali Shenwaray
Hi, Sir, Could you please explain the Italian future perfect tense!!! I've found a few explainanation but I can understand you better. \nThank you
I'm literally crying. so sad that I never learned Italian. Amo Italia. This language is a perfection. Thank you so much!
Lexane1107 :)
very good video i've been learning Italian for some month now and this is the most helpful video i have found so far! earned a subscriber! 
Madiha Hassan
Like many people already said your videos are amazing. They're really clear. Just a small ''correction'' - you pronounced the 3 conjugations -are -ere e -ire as -arre -erre e -irre, it's just one r so... Play it cool :D . Also, if you could forget your accent for a while when talking italian, you'll be perfect. I mean the 't' of mangiaTo and all the 't''s in the italian language. You have to use the 'T' of 'Thumb' and not the 'T' of let's say 'tape'. The t's and d's in this language are always always always soft. But you're doing a GGGRRREEEAAATTT JOB. Keep it up.\nMuch love, Madiha. :)
Magne -T
Scusa ma non lo spieghi pure l' alfabeto
Marco Frijo
comunque sei bravissimo!
Marco Magini
i'm italian and i Like Your video but you say a strong \
Marcos campaz
I will begin to learn Italian . You explain everything clearly and motivate me to learn this interesting language. Thank you so much !!
Mariachiara Guolo
Tom you explain very clearly and I am glad that our language is so appreciated (I am a native speaker as well). Let me give you just a tiny piece of advice: as a linguist, I noticed you tend to pronounce Italian words with a \
Mario E. Zugasti
watched this video about 3 times and I finally got it!  These videos help in what duolingo lacks.  Both together is GOLD! Thanks!  Being a bilingual English/Spanish speaker thought this would be easy but Italian is challenging!  Especially here in Southern California where it looks like Italians don't exist so as for conversing I don't know how I'm going to put it to practice.
Matteo Pavlovic
ma che cazzo ci sto facendo sotto un video che spiega la grammatica base della mia stessa lingua
Mau Pr
Hello. Thanks for your videos. I subscribed. Well. Actually, my mother language is Spanish. So, I already know what conjugate means and how to do it in Spanish and now in Italian. I've been learning Italian for one year and I want to keep learning. Your channel is awesome. Besides, Spanish and Italian are very similar. I want to improve my Italian and I'm taking advantage of my English skills haha. Like!
Tu mangi. Jumanji.
Michael Nelson
This is brilliant! Thank-you for this learning the conjugations will help out a lot!
Má Alves
Perfect \\o, I love your videos.
Najat Alshoka
Nathaniel Power
Hello there, I am going to Italy for Easter break and I was trying to learn, but I'm struggling; any tips on trying to learn? Any would be appreciated.
One i thibg i leart lately that in case of two vowels together the first is dropped when the word is pronounced...\nlike mangio=mango
Paolo Barberis
Ciao! Sono italiano, ma vivo in germania da 2 anni, è bello sapere che qualcuno si interessa anche alla nostra lingua! Complimenti ;) bravo!
Pasquale Giamundi
Nice video :) But usually in IRE verbs in Present Tense, when they are short, like in \
Pavel Širka
Right on dude, I like your lesson. Very practical and essential. Thumbs up!
Polly Oops
Thanks a lot! your video is so helpful!!!
Do you ever do private skype lessons? I would be very much interested if so!
Raghad Mor
I really understand noww sooo happy i was think its hard but you make it so easy GRAZIA
Rico Campailla
Love the videos mate! Desperate to learn Italian! My Dad was Sicilian but my Mother is Welsh but he never really spoke to us when we were kids in Italian unfortunately, living in Wales UK. Have got lots of Family in Sicily but since my Dad died in 2000 we've never been back there.....as it doesn't feel right without him as we communicated to all our cousins and family via my Dad. I know some basics but would love to know a lot more!. Downloaded an app on my phone called Duolingo which is pretty good....but starting to get a lot harder though.....Love to know why people think the English language is hard to learn! lol
Robert Donatelle
I want 2 thank u so much for your simplicity in teaching. It helps me to retain. Conjugation & pronouns have confused me so much in the past, but after your examples, I am able to grasp them and how to study them. Love this video and will have to watch several times. I learn from writing as well. Beginning to wonder if typing things out would have the same result? Anyway, thank you again. I subscribed right away. Ciao 4 now. Roberto
Rose Moore
When i say a girl is italian can i say italiona?
Rudolph Fero'
Thanks for all the explenation and patience you take ! I Just subscribed :)
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Thanks for the video, was a big help!
you have amazing eyes
The Padrino
Ciao\n\nGrazie Mille for this amazing video, I'm gonna subscribe the Chanel %100, just by watching one video my head was opened, actually it opened a big gate toward Italian, it's amazing video, keep it up.
Thisara Dananjith
simple!great video
Ty Camerlingo
Grazie Tom. Molto Bouno.
Vagisha Joshi
This was the best First-Italian-Grammar lesson ....!! Grazie mille 
Victoria Queen
u r the best teacher!!!! love u!!! thank u sooooo much !!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Vittorio Colli
Io mangio? Ma magnt o cazz fratè
Weilà Tom
Ciao guys! Conjugating verbs may seem difficult at first, but you will definitely get the hang of it. Check out the notes I have up on my website (link in description) that correlate with this video and try writing everything you learned down too. I've found it can help to have a bird's eye view of everything to make better sense of it all. Practice makes perfect and conjugating is the real key to expressing yourself in another language. Best of luck and be sure to subscribe and check out my other videos to learn more. Alla prossima!
Liked and subscribed 👍🏻
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thanks for your video it's very understandable
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Omg my brain hurts
cristina bekki
BUT I LOVE YOU! And I DISCOVER YOU JUST NOW!!!!! Untl now I only lose my time u.u
Bravissimo! ;D
This is the best guy doing this on youtube. His format is super easy to follow.
Onestly, you're a good guy, but your accent is awful.
Thanks for making your videos.
3:16 Like Fantozzi in diet: \
la la
Subscribed! Thank you so much :)\nPlease upload more\nI love your videos!
lollo ciapo
Ahah the italian language it's hard. Ci metterete anni per impararlo tutto o almeno le parole basilari ;)
mario ferraiuolo
Sono italiano e mi spiego anchio pk cazzo sto guardando questo video
meythria c. nissa
Thank you so much Tom for making this video, finally now I understand :)
I'm Italian and I moved here when I was seven (England) my Italian is still quite good and I still have my accent but there has always been a question if u want to say TALK! (Example) do u say you talk=PARLI or say the verbs how it is which is PARLARE or is there a word that doesn't have TO in the verb. Im really not up to date because im now 14. And I'm learning new vocabulary that no 7 year old would know and it's very easy for me to pick up so that's no problem but Yh if u see this please reply
very good but to fast....\nslow down...
rising surfer
Wow, your video is great, just what I need. Straight to the point and simple to follow, I've been banging my head for weeks trying to learn this from grammar books - you explained it so well. Thanks!
thx very much\nvery simple
sonik enu
è bello vedere che anche gli inglesi vogliono imparare l'italiano :'D \nIn questo video hai spiegato molto bene in modo globale l'uso dei soggetti e quant'altro, ma noi molte volte sorvoliamo il soggetto quando si parla.
New subbie here! You explain things so well!!
Oh man, this tutorial is gold ._. I'm totally going to check out your other videos!