Dangerous Situations at the Nürburgring - Bad Driving, Collisions and Unsafe Situations Nordschleife

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This video represents some of the most common dangerous situations at the Nürburgring, like:- Standing at dangerous places on track- Overtaking on the wrong side (during TF)- Ignoring yellow flags- Debris on trackKeep in mind that it is illegal to overtake on the right during Touristenfahrten.There is no trophy at the end of a TF lap, so there is no need for laprecord attemps.Always be aware about other (slower or less experienced) drivers around you. (Bikers, check your mirrors too!)If your car breaks down or if you crash, make sure to get behind the safety barrier as soon as possible. If it is not safe to get out of the car, stay in the car until the marshalls arrive.---NEW MERCHANDISE ►

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5:55 drift bambi?
over dramatic people at 0:55 \nbunch of idiots
Alex Soriano
I’ve been in the position of the blue car @2:00 .... he’s the goat for not crashing . The lesson is ...Let it go
Alif Rachman
0:52 youre so dumb if you exit ur car in a middle of a racetrack
Aron Hofs
the deer was on slicks in the wet
Auto Addiction
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Let's just have a hug! Right here around this blind corner 😂😭👍
Bike Saison
Wieso stehen die so oft mitten auf der Strecke 😂
That biker has some balls for riding in the pack like that
Brian Westfield
BMW drivers are the worst. Almost killed that guy 😖
That deer... thought it was a goner, if they didn't see that guy in blue the deer didn't stand a chance. The deer had more control of the slide/drift then some of the drivers... Great video !
Canadagren Canadagren
Auto rulen imbezilen
Cap Thecap
qualcuno conosce le statistiche sul numero di incidenti ?
Cars Overdose
Great video mate. I enjoyed it a lot.
Cat Of Skyrim
When you think your car is indestructible like Gran Turismo 4.
5:43 WOW
THOTS always want a hug.
Oh deer God !
Clém' Gaming
6:00 : Animal having fun.. WITHOUT PAYING X)
Crystal Fusion
3:30 Epic WIN! :D
Daniel Crick
Deer drifted better than half the cars
Daniel Shultz
name of the game?
Dave Smith
Looks like a normal every day commute to work...
David Buschhorn
2:12 low-profile tires... stretched. If you can't afford the wider tires for your new rims (understandable), wait a little while to install them. You'll get the money. Don't \
David Wu
Apparently there was a sniper behind the camera who shot the drive so it crashed 0:43 - 0:50 you can hear the sniper reload it at 0:49
Doğan Yazgı
The best was saved for the last: deerifting
Drill Instructor Fitch
So basically you go there to crash your brand new car
Damn that deer and his reverse entry ahahahaha
Elestro Air-soft
4:30 - So, that dude almost died.
Elvis Sujak
Yellow flags and it's mostly BMW drivers being restarted
so many brainless people with driving licence
They need to increase the fines/penalties for dangerous driving on the NBR - some of these numpties might think twice about driving like assholes if the penalty was, say, the sticker price of their car.
5:58 crazy guy wants to impress his friends with a drift, spins around and almost crashed in the wall
Felix Dietz_HardCoreGangsta 123
Digga immer diese gurken BMW‘s
Gerardo Sanchez
Estás si son carreras callejeras bueno entre comillas aquí en México se creen torero y no llegan ni con un bocho
Goaty McGoatface
haha deer gettin LOOSE out there
Harrison Brady
The idiot in the red car at 2:12 didn't even hit the brakes at all after hitting the wall, and just allowed himself to roll back onto the track. What an idiot.
Ian Thompson
Deer did a doughnut lol
I thought the first scene was GT sport
Jan Zezulka
Horrible drivers, horrible camera guy.
What idiot crashes then limps back on to the track..... @2:15 !
Johan F.
Forza motorsport 7 in real life
Klaus 92
I came here watching evolution of race games.. than a thought on the first minute it was a PS5 race game xD
Kobe B
Is it just me or bmw drivers do not know how to drive?
Kurt Cumming
3:30 As a rider, my first thought was *stop and pick it up!!* That would be brutal hitting that blindly.. \nWhat a legend that biker was, he even flagged what looked like his student? In time to avoid it.. \n\nThen I saw the next clip where that guy nearly got taken out by waving down the oil spill... Damn...
Kyle Johnson
I always think on the clip of the guy who almost got hammered by the BMW at the oil spill and Auto Addiction's reaction to it. It was so close that a german-speaking person swore in english. I get a good laugh about it every time.
These are the people who end up ruining it for everyone.\n\nExcept for you, Debris-Picker-Uper-Dude! You da real MVP!
Marc Lampe
Terroristen-Fahrten passt besser-so wie manche im Auto sitzen und fahren 🙈
Maurizio Pascale
Sind alle möchtegern Rennfahrer wo kein Respekt und Hirn haben!!!einer blöder als der andere
0:30 The wheels aren't spinning, Illuminati :OOOOOOOOO\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nJK: It's because of the camera I know
Mental Dave
The drama, dramatic hugs after a minor spin, blurgh
Morgan AMG
0:55 2:25 folly
5:03 that audi race car was on a mission.
Muhammet Furkan Ayhan
Ulan bunların hepsi beyinsiz. Böyle araba mı sürülür
Perché cazzo non escono dalla macchina quando sono fermi questi deficienti.
At 6:02 So glad the Deer wasnt hit by these Maniacs !!!
Rasti Al
So BMW drivers are as shit at driver , on road and on track
Ricardo Luna
Drift Deer
Why are so many cars and bikes at the same time? Shouldn't they have separate riding sessions for bikes and cars? I always thought Germans were the smart ones, but the whole thing seems to be organised exceptionally horrible
The only thing I don't like about the biker picking up the bit of honda s2000 is that he's a f***ing biker, and all bikers are, as we know, total wan*ers.
Sab Us
2:12 oh yes, bmw... :)
Takato Yota
Name video idiot drivers for BMW :)
The Shockwave
4:30 Someone explain that bmw driver, that if you see someone waving, it's not to run him over !
oh my god!!
God damn Wahmen
Standing behind the yellow flag is not the best place for camera
Vitaliy Rus
My respect for the rider to remove debris from the track.
0:25 camera and wheel synchronize :O\n\n4:20 scheiß Gothaer, wer schonmal in der Nähe war weiß, das niemand von denen fahren kann
W-lan Kabel
2:12 er is so dumm wie er versucht auf heftig zu machen und dann verkackt
Wabaki Games
is that place open the public? or its official race?
Yahiaoui Senouci
5:56\noh dear\nits richard hammond hahaha
Your Ad Here
Wow, can really get a sense of the cars steering at minute 2:13\nThe driver turns the wheel all he can, but it's not enough. Cars are not good for racing, because need to turn the steering wheel 3 times around to make a difference in the direction you are going. Makes it funny to watch this. Nobody can control the wheel.\nThe Motorcycle has more accurate steering, minute 1:23\nFormula 1 cars also have a better steering response.
0:30 what for orange car?
addy bee
Lesson learned: Never attend public track day.
When I was a kid, people would crash on a snowboard jump and just lay there in the landing. And we would yell and wait for them to move. \n\nAs a teen, we would give them ten seconds to move and if they didn’t, a crowd of us would then try to land the jump as close as we could to them without actually hitting them.\n\nAs an adult, I have no patience for people blocking anything. And I’m a total dick about it.\n\nThoroughfares are sacred. Not mine, not yours, it’s everyone’s and it needs to stay clear. This video pissed me off, seeing some of these losers acting like the whole world stops revolving when they fuck up.
4:30 - most important point of driving lol - YOU WILL GO WHERE YOU LOOK!
1:22 that bike is gonna be eaten alive
fla de
Good drivers doesn't need to complain in the comments.
0:29 the tires of the BMW are in sync with the frames per second of the camera, meaning it looks like they're not moving at all.
4:00 respect for this man
ibrahim Beytekin
Oohh deer ;)
j spec
The deer was showing off wat he has learned on this track..
0:58...Teen trying to impress his girlfriend and friend with his Forza 3 skills..
Why are you on the Ring if you dont have something like a Porsche? I see MK4 Golfs on there, wtf are they doing there?
ramzy xy
5:57 Thumbs up for the deer's 360 °
I like the S2000 that's just shedding bodywork all over the track and keeps right on with the hammer down. What a jackass.
stay away from this place.. everyone is Speed Racer.
holy shit that guy at 4:30 probably never jumped this fast in his life before
Anyone else relieved when the deer didn't get smoked by a douchebag in a BMW?
Not enough spacing. If this were here in the US, somehow people would find a way to sue the track for their own stupidity.
Respekt an den Motorrad Fahrer 3:55 👍🏻🤙🏻
Ɛxτгͥɛɱɛ Ǥαͣɱͫɛг
5:58 me :v
Петр Василенко
2:41 🤔🤔🤔🖕🖕🖕
Good job biker