Learn Italian: 150 Italian Phrases for Beginners

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Italian sounds simple to learn for a english/spanish speaking person. same as Portuguese. but when it comes to French then it's hard. probably because of the tongue movement .
Abdulai Jalloh
grazie mille per questa video
Alex S.
Sono giapponeseh!
Andjela M
Ciao! is there anyone who wants to speak Italian/english with me?
Ashly macedo
so easy just like Spanish
I'm italian and i don't know because I'm here... 😅
Autumn Campbell
found out i was Italian so i might as well learn it
I am Italian and I only knew one word now I know how to say a lot of stuff thanks for making this
Bayou Mick
If your fluent in Spanish. You won't have a hard time reading an entire book in the Italian language
Blanca Rodríguez Martínez
Maybe it is because I am Spanish, but it seems a very easy language to learn...
Bonita Unit
do you have this in written format?
Calista Hono
Hello I'm french and I don't speak really italian but I Want learn this langage because accorting To all The french people, The italian \nLanguage is very Easy To learn (not like The french language) so your video is really cool To begin To learn language. Thank you (I hope that you can understand my message)
I'm hispanic and I just realized how close italian is to spanish ot makes it a lot easier to learn :)
Cecilia Lopez
Anyone that would like to video chat practice with me? :) determined to learn
Christian Hernandez
Italian language pretty easy for me because it's almost similar to Spanish
Cliff Carr
Grazie Mille!!!Vado in Toscana alla fine di settembre di quest'anno, e di tutti i luoghi del mondo che ho visitato, non vedo l'ora di farlo più di ogni altra cosa nella mia vita. Abbiamo degli italiani qui dove lavoro, e sono le persone più gentili e semplici con cui abbia mai conosciuto. Saluto e inchino in Italia. Saluti dal Regno Unito molto amore e rispetto inviati.
I'll learn these no matter what. \nOne step closer to Italy.\n Thank you
Daisy L. Corona
I'm learning this while eating spaghetti. I love spaghetti
Daniel Limas
I'm a spanish speaker and I know a bit english but I find italian easier than english btw
Daniela Mishkovska
Ciao, love learning this language, and since I started few weeks ago, you helped me a lot.Thank you Pablo, got yourself a new subscriber, :)
Dave Reinter
I love Italian, wish me good luck\nGreetings for Greece\nHe have many Italian words in Greek
Spanish and Portuguese speakers can learn it faster than the others because it's similar to our languages (I'm Brazilian, btw)
Io amo gli uomini italiani cosi tanto
When you play to much Assassin's Creed
Grazie! I would love to be fluent in italian, such a beautiful language
Ema Mut
every single word sounds so happy and cute
Enock Osei
Italian language is very difficult
Fernanda Ferrari
Belissimo !! For years I've been telling myself I'll learn Italian and I never take the first step, thanks for posting the video, your pronunciation is so clear, I could emulate at least 60% of the phases ; Italian will be my summer project and perhaps when I finally go to Italy I'll be able to speak with the locals .Yeyyy
Foxy's team ITA
grazie ma già so l'italiano XD anche l'inglese
Francesco Russo
ha ha i'm italian
Gatcha Girl
grazie so much next year I am going on my upper elementary trip to Rome Ikr omg a ten year old going to Rome! I can't wait
Genessa Escobar
What is the best way/strategy to learn different languages
Gray Z
Woah... how many languages do you know?
Hansfrivoslavolay Zinvaralasglyder
Eu sou brasileiro e sou descendente de italiano, e é assim msm, italiano não tá preocupado com o clima como os ingleses ou com a roupa como os franceses, oque interessa é a comida kkkk
ohmigods thank you SO much for making this. im currently learning Italian for no particular reason ( i just wanna say insults and stuff in front of bitches at school and confuse them).
HiddenLeafAnbu 11
Italian is kinda the same as Spanish
Easiest way to memorize these phrases and sentences is to repeat to yourself 7 times in a row out loud.\n\nLife lesson.
Issis Khem
Grazie mille 😘
Italy Blankenship
hey my name is italy
Itz Anthony
Omg thanks this summer I'm going to Italy and I just needed this thanks 🙏🏽
Lit it's like Spanish
Grazie, I'm going to visit Rome and Venice in December. Learning it now. Thanks again!
Jessy Maniani
Thanks for this video
Jonny Jonie
oh my God thank you so,so much may Jesus bless you
Joshua Robert
Grazie mille per questa lezione
Kalito Freeman
keep cam and learn Italian
Kevin D
I know Portuguese. This is easy
Kim Pierre
so relatable if you know french and spanish, its simple!! Thanks :)
Kira LoveGod
Some words sound similiar to spanish
My Goal in life. Learn German, French, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, and of course. Italian.
Kylie Parker
You are amazing for making this video! It helped me get a start on learning another language, so thank you! You helped my dream of visiting Italy start to become a reality 😊
I love all of these. You make it very easy. I am writing them all out so I see it and hear it when I am away from my computer. Thank you for your kindness in sharing your knowledge.
Lauro Padilla
Knowing Spanish really does help a lot. This is too easy! Thanks!
Layla Amador
Italian reminds me of French Spanish and Portuguese since they all are in the same region it makes sense tho... anyways I hope I'm able to get a decent grasp on Italian by the end of the year I would love to speak to an Italian just to see if I speak it as badly as I think or if I'm getting there grazie and arriverdecci (I think that's goodbye)
guardate che io sono un italiano ma mi piace vedere che cercate di imparare la mia lingua
Marco Ragni
hello everyone! I'm an italian guy who's trying to improve his english. If you want to learn to speak italian we can talk on skype (sometimes in Italian and others in english) to help each other with these leanguages:) skype:Marcoragni8
Maria Angelakopoulou
This language is music and poetry to my ears! Beautiful..If I wasn't Greek, I would choose to be born an Italian!
Maribel Lopez
Ah! Italian should be fairly easy and quick to learn. I speak both English and Spanish so all the phrases in this video are extremely easy for me. :-) can't wait to be also fluent on this language.
Mikera B
I used to speak fluent Italian but I can't remember half of it that's why I'm here lol. Grazie mille per il video!
Mostafa Gamal
Thank you so much ,after this video i can make simple conversion itialiano is super easy ,Grazie :D
Nayeli Gonzalez
It's very similar to Spanish.
Noemi Minopoli
That moment when you're Italian but you watch this vid only cause you're bored 😂😂🇮🇹
Nonya Busi
Your welcome -Prego should be you're welcome or you are welcome.
It was fairly easy as I speak spanish.
Pat Barajas
I saw this video last year and I couldn't pronounce at least 70% of the words. I'm glad that I can now understand every single word and used it in real life. Laura Pausini influenced me to learn Italian and I'll go see her next Friday Agosto cinque in Los Angeles! Grazie mille per il video!
Paul Genko
my will to learn a new language brought me here
Peace Man
Thanks for reminding me,I need some prego spaghetti sauce.
Pug money
They think I suck at Italian Sto bene
Rachel Pascoe
Grazie, I'm a 13 year old Dutch girl and I really want to learn Italian, as a younger kid, I was obsessed with Winx Club, which is Italian, and I still find it one of the most beautiful languages that exist! \u003c3
Road of Corane
Que bien video, Grazie ;)
Fantastico! This is how all language learning should begin.
Rudi Erwin
Grazie, it's my dream to visit Italy
Sabrina Stavola
This is fantastic! I'm learning Italian on my own, and I heard it's actually one of the easiest languages, because it's learned by phrases/sentences. Do you agree? Go from listening and memorizing phrases then get into the deep stuff aka what each word is, male/female, etc? :) your vids rule!
Sid Francis Tolentino
Just learned here. I spoke Italian to my Captain and he was so surprised! I sometimes mixed with Spanish though. Haha. Grazie amigo! 🤣
Thasedda Tizi
Merci pour tes video et aussi ce que jai remarquee que la prenonciation c'est presque la meme avec la longue fran5aise n'est ce pas? Grazie :)
Grazie im Using this too communicate with my italian freind
Travis Warren
American here but all my ancestors are from italy so I'm trying my hardest to learn so I can finally understand my grandparents 😕 lol
Twenty øne Cry Babies Falling Out At The Phan Disco
I have my Italian exam tomorrow and this is what my studies have come to. I don't know what I'm doing. I understand the language, but find it increasingly difficult to speak it fluently, I speak in very broken italian and I need to speak fluently in a matter of hours. Help me.
UltraVenom Tech
How fast can you learn to speak some-what fluently if you practice at least 30 minutes to an hour every day? I'm considering being an exchange student in rome for 9th grade in 2017 so like a little over a year.
Victor Uribe
Easy if know Spanish
Vinz From Philippines
dolce amore brought me here XD
Water Strider
thanks I'm an expert now that I got the hand thing down
Xilor 150
aiuto, qualcuno mi può spiegare perché a mezzanotte meno dieci sto guardando questo video 😂?
Yasir Zafar
very nice language Italian thanks Italy
Yohanes Christian R
Thanks! I am currently learning Italian and this is very helpful!\nGrazie \nBuona giornata! :D
andre Z
and i though italians were sounded like mario...
Wow it would be awesome to learn Italian, after Spanish and Portuguese. My ancestors came from Molise, it would be great to speak like they did!
capanz 02
Ciao sono italiano!!!!!
excellent teacher - nice that he repeats the speech several times and enunciates very clearly
do duc duy
Wow never thought I could greet people by Italian. This is awesome!\nGRAZIE MILLE!!!
kabir hossain
grazie tanti
kihuji jihuki
aprendo mas rapido porque hablo español
rockmom h
my problem with speaking Italian I can't roll my \
santiago turbillon77
Puedo entender un poco el italiano para nosotros los hispanohablantes es mas facil aprenderlo molto grazie
tyntran yeuanh
Italian language sounds romantic :) Im thinking of learning Italian and i just found your video.. This is great..thank you :)
xCorreroTM YT
ciao a tutti!
Đoàn Hữu Chương
I think that Italian is not hard to learn.
When you're leaving to Rome in the morning and you don't know any Italian....