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Amazing Supercars You Had No Idea Existed....LinksVENCER SARTHE

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Why the hell cant we Americans stop taking British sports cars, changing the body panels, then calling it ours. No wonder people keep mocking us...
1-Pretty good if it was released in 1991\n2- overdesigned botmobile looking ass\n3- looks great, reminds me of a toned down mix between a corvette and the aventador J\n4- Electric Koiniggiiinnniisseeggg\n5- Looks like a toy/poorly designed carrera gt replica with a 918 drivetrain\n6- If the Enzo had downs syndrome\n7- Almost a simplistic supercar, i like
non car persons favorite cars\n1.lambo\n2.lamborghini\n3.bugatti\n4. lambo\n5.lambo\n6lamborghini\n7. bugatti
_Cars I never knew existed..._ [A 4 cylinder V8.] Yep, ya got me there.
Aaron Castro
When I was playing this game called Asphalt 8 there was a Felino so now I now that kind a car already.
Aaron Hali
A 4-cylinder 6.2 liter V-8? What is that? Does that actually exist?! What does that mean?
4-cylinder 6.4 liter V8\n\nHold on, is it a 4 or 8 cylinder? Make up your mind before you go and make an amateur goof like that.
Afe La
I so hate American narrators they are so over dramatic
u will know these car if u play asphalt 8 lol
Allison Martini
You should add the Zenvo ST1 or the Lykan Hypersport.  Just some sugestions
Cant wait until Forza Horizon 3 adds the Trion Nemesis RR.
AutoTrends Channel
keren mobilnya bro
Bad Word
Do u have arash?
the arash has 0VER 2000 HP???????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bill Dollarmovie
The voiceover is not a car guy, anyone one who knows the basics of engines know a 4 cylinder can't be a V8
Bob Boberson
A four cylinder V8. Christ. \n\nI mean, seriously... I'm stopping right now.
A 4 cylinder V8? Make up your mind. Obviously you can't count or read or think. The trouble with these cars is they are all too low to the ground. Speed bumps are going to eat up the underside FAST. Also cannot be driven in the winter when there is fresh snow on the road. For a million bucks it can only be driven in the summer.\n. They also remind me of the fiberglass KIT cars you could get for a slug bug. Can you say CHEAP? And they all look the same.
Captain FALKEN
Already knew the Concept 1 since 2013 still as concept pictures same really as the Frazer Nash Namir, invictis gt-21, Splinter, Laraki Epitome. Wraith, Lykan Hypersport. Fenyr Supersport, SSC Tuatara, Ronn Scorpion NX. SSC Ultimate Aero TT. etc. The Rezvani looked like a roadster version of the Vulcan. still looks fantastic. BTW the AF-10 I remember in NFS Carbon. In one of the safe houses. there's an orange AF-10 on the wall. The car is at least around 2004-06 since the Enzo which the design is like is 2003. Ferrari GTE is supposed to be like the 1972 512M racecar. The LaFerrari like the 330 P4/412P. the FXX-K like the 512M also. SCG looks fantastic also. It's like an Enzo/Veneno/Devel/Agera, but what gets me is the curve up in the back. So good. Some of these flat booty angly. kitcar-like cars can have all the power they want, but people need to put more work in the blueprints...and don't match wheel color with the car...makes it look like a giant tomatoe/watermelon/orange. (USE BRAIN)
Carl Rasmussen
anyone else think the trion looks kinda like the lykan hypersport?
Chapel Tibet
What a crock of egobloat bullpucky.
Cole Avery
i knew about the Trion
I knew the Rimac cuz Driveclub XD
Craig Ster
Funny how some people don't realize how far electric cars would be without the bully oil companies. I've raced electric rc cars/trucks, boats over the last 20 years & the tech has been there & is awesome these days! The early 2000's their was a car maker that had awesome little cars like a lot like Porsche's & were as fast or faster that GM leased out. Everyone wanted to buy 1 when the year lease was up. Nope GM pulled the plug on them huh?! Wonder why? I live in Oklahoma unfortunately & not feeling the love for these folks these days. As gas goes back over $2, and Ok has more earthquakes than anyone can count. We should have some cheap ass gas, mof's!
D' Bonnerrr is faster and fatter then all these whip cars, HUH! And has a bigger dorsal fins ! AND its made from left over dried spermatozoa YAH!
Dale Lisowski
I easily knew the trion nemesis like if you didn't know about until now you don't know cars
Dimitris Ivanov
2:20 a 4 cylinder v8 ? i believe there is a mistake here if i am not wrong...
Drampa Dreg
It seems like the 0-60 time could be increased if some of these cars used smaller more efficient engines, weight is not a good thing in a super car. And where is my Pagini Huayra? The Tesla P100D beats most of these in the 0-60 category at 2.5 seconds for a stock production car and it seats 5 adults and 2 kids to boot! A Tesla and and a 135 hp Xenon 4 Executive (the new three seater) and I'll be good to go.
Dremlin54 GMD
Triton nemesis vs SRT Tomahawk X, the race of the future!
Durrant Miller
The front of the ARASH looks like a lotus
Eggo Waffles
Scg003 looks like a veneno
2:19 \
Foxy Little Things!
Actually a Vaydor is most affordable supercar that any one can easily buy just for $11000!
Genius Insanity
2:20 \
4 cylinder V8... That's new
Happily Insane
I'm sorry, 2:20 does he say \
The Sarthe is a mazzanti evantra fake
I think I have arash
NEMESIS twin turbo V8 with 2000hp ? in your dreams :D how can V8 have 2000 hp when W16 made out of the space age materials can reach only 1500hp ? with that bugget of the company i have never heard of the NEMESIS may be one of the biggest lies in last 100 years
Jacob Razor
two words, devel. sixteen
Jiggly Champ
Another really good dutch car is Donkervoort. Donkervoort is even considered a challenge for the Veyron.
Jrok Z
Trion Nemesis is OP
Juan Campos
A 4 cylinder 6.2L V8 engine???? Wtf is that??
KWC Designs
That Af8 sucks for speed
Keisha Marajeen
I already knew the felino cb7
Kingsman kin
This vid is like an ad
Kush Yadav
Which is the most expensive car show in fndf series
0:53 I knew this car existed and 3:15 and 5:23
NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lazz the Wolf
a 4 cylinder, 6.2 litre v8? What the hell are you on about??
There's a reason these aren't as well known as an Aventador or a 458 italia\n\nThe Sarthe is hideous, like someone heavily modded a Nissan\nThe CB7 isn't vicious, it looks like a hotwheel\nThe Rezvani... No power-steering or power-brakes at all? Not even an option to enable and disable them? That's awful.\nThe Rimac is beautiful, that's a well-done car but will be slaughtered by Tesla in competition.\nThe Arash is a wannabe Lotus with a Pagani resemblance.\nThe SCG is also a beautiful car, no complaints on that one.\nThe Trion isn't impressive enough to compete with anything, if you had the money you wouldn't buy it.
Why is this guy shouting?
Malgorzata Zyla
People are so so so much show off
Mariusz Mak
Where is arrinera?
Mihir Sahu
4 are from asphalt 8
Morcombe Wise
In short, this is basically a mashup of promotional materials, containing frequently-unsubstantiated claims by a narrator that sounds like an infomercial barker (not to say _scam artist_). If you're one of the \
Mr. Irrelevant
I was actually really surprised to see that I knew none of these cars existed, I never even heard of them!! I was surprised because I’m a really big car guy, and even I though I couldn’t identify any of them, I was able to see that most of them looked like cars I did know. Some of these cars looked fake, and copied off of other manufacturers designs. I’m still not sure weather or not these cars are real. It could possibly all be bull 💩. But if it’s real, I’ll be darned.
This moment when you already heared of the listed cars before and never saw a video about them before
What is a four cylinder 6.2 v8??OMG THAT IS STUPID
Noah Laughlin
2:18 I never knew there was such thing as a 4 cylinder V8
Noel Borg
My favorite car is Aventador roadster , but i cant believe these super cars from all makers are kind of made of cheep plastic. If the car is made of Carbon fibre as They say carbon fibre is strong, but now I'm guessing its just like fiberglass, only difference i'ts a rip off In price. Well true these cars look beautiful, But I'm sure they are not worth more then £150,00.00 to built, the rest people pay is for the brand name and looks. Some mite pay millions for limited editions, still all in all its like having A plastic Car. If you Wont a real strong car get an AMG S63 or S65with the best interior that is even slightly better then a Bentley GT and a car worth every penny. Or a BMW. I never seen these Super cars in a crash test, probably the test dummy will end up sitting near the engine ,but i did see a super car crash with a street pole in between the driver and passenger seats, and yee both died, so there you can see how strong they really are.
I knew the felino cus of asphalt 8 in asphalt 8 it's have this car! And the rimac and the arash and the the trion nemesis
Wtf is a 4 cylinder 6.2L V8?
Ronald Rai
I don't understand 210 Miles per hour, means how much the speed limit to drive to cover 210 miles per hour any body can reply my confusion
No wonder no one knows these exist, they all look like they were designed by five year olds.
Sam D Kid
Y get the felino, if your getting it for the looks get it, if u getting for bang for the buck dont get it, get a 2012-2017 Nissan GT-R R35 that come in different trims and handmade engines like the Premium, Black Edition, Nismo Edition and Nismo Nurburgring Time Attack
Sebastian Walleen
0:55 did you say Dodge demon?
I was going to watch this whole video, but I got sick of this guy's ridiculous power rangers commentator voice.
Sharvan Kumar Prajapath Ashania
Felino, Nemesis, Rimac & Arash...
Shea Conway
What about the devel 16 with 5000 horsepower a v16 engine and a top speed of around 360mph
Sierra Love
Silvester Humaj
here's two pieces of advice for the script writer: know what you are talking about that four cylinder V8 comment completely discredits this video, second of all stop going on and on and on about styling and how awesome something looks that's for us to decide styling is subjective I want to hear stats about the car have these car as you claim are Cutting Edge and just too sleek is any other exotic look like s***. I could talk to you for half an hour about how the Pagani Huayra is the best-looking exotic on the road right now but you might disagree in my monologue wouldn't change that.
I thought number 1 was going to be the lamborghini egoista or the w motors hypersport.
Heard of them all, but was only familiar with Vencer
Star Core
Am I willingly flooding my brain with advertisement ?...
Stev A
i love the rimac all electric supercar, and the trion at the end. every other car in the video was bullshit! high priced mimics...
Steven Nutz
a 4 cylinder v8 dafuq
Suraj Tomar
I knew them from CSR game
Szkolna 17 is love Szkolna 17 is live
where is arrinera hussarya?!
TJ Cooks
the felino. A 4 cilinder 6.2 litre V8 525 hp engine. and a 6 cilinder option. how does that work?
a 4 cylinder 6.2 liter v8? I'll take the inline 6 v12 rotary twin-supercharged one too.
Ultra Veloce
Bugatti Veyron gets to 60 in 2.5 seconds, though weighed more than most mountains. Rezvani, however, can only get to 60 in 2.7 seconds, despite having 500 hp powering something weighing 1500 pounds. WHAT IS THIS?
A 4 cylinder V8?? What?? And the electric cars quarter mile of a low 11seconds is not the fastest. There's a VW beetle in the UK that went under 10 seconds in 2011.
Ver Gil
That voice though \
Xavier {Wolf} {Cute} {Humble}
i drank v8 and feel faster😂😂😂
Yung MemeLord
what about the tvr sagris
this guys voice is cancer
felino 4 cylinder V-8, eh?\n\nHow's that again?
daniel haynes
hey I have ARASH 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 and it's really itchy
gagagoopy Smithbergson
Gotta admit, I'd never heard of any of them...thanks...
hendrix jabrix
that car already in asphalt 8
initialB 240
I swear I heard him say, '4 cylinder 6.3 supercharged v8' .
jessica Li
i don't get it, why do people think the fastest car is the best car? There should be real \
A 4 cylinder 600 horsepower twin turbo V8?????
tank timk
The Arash A10 front looks like a gumpert apolo to me
vegamite sandwich