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Amazing speech. Big like 👍
thank you to give us a lot of knowledge. I'll try all . languages that ı want to learn are spanish and arabic. by the way ım from turkey and ım learning english . wish me luck...
Abelly TV
Adrenaline migraine
#1 make mistakes\n#2 forget your languages rules\n#3 find sticklers\n#4 shower conversations in the language ur learning.(dosent have to be in shower.)\n#5 coversation buddy
Alex Beaure Outdoors
I speak 4 languages:\n\n1. Eastern cree\n2. Inuktitut\n3. English\n4. French but not that fluent\n\nI’m 13 btw
Alexander Tapiero
This is very motivational for me
Allen mclore Putin
And what about Indians..... Who have more than 1000 languages in one country..... And a average Indian can speak and understand more than 5-7 languages...!!!
Amr Daboul
I can't believe I speak 3 and a half languages\n\n1:العربية\n\n2:English\n\n3:Français \n\n4:A bit of Español \n\n5:I'm 12
Anima Libera
Unfortunately things are not that simple. Sid grew up with four languages. This means that from day one his brain got \
Anna Kolyva
Anthony Luis Chan
My pursuit of language learning\n1) Filipino (my mother tongue)\n2) Ilocano (a language mostly spoken in northern Philippines which I speak decently.)\n3) English (most Filipinos are required to learn at a young age.)\n4) Mandarin Chinese (I went to Taiwan and studied this for 6 months.)\n5) French (I started learning a week ago. Just enrolled in a French school.)\n6) Modern Standard Arabic (I just purchased books online. I haven’t started learning yet.)\nThat’s it! No more. They are still a lot to learn and improve.
I want to learn Japanese so I can watch anime without subtitles
Bekir Bey
aq bir türkçeyi araya sıkıştıramamış
Black Orchid
He's eaten the smily emoticon
watched all in 1.25 speed. Speech becomes normal )
Caio Costa Lopes
O cara fala portuguese muito melhor q eu
Carlos c.c
Un compañero para aprender ingles? :D
Christopher Bonatis
I can speak 3 languages: American, English, and Australian.
Danny D
Right now am learning 🇰🇷 language because of BTS... To feel the mind and heart BTS put in their Music, lyrics....😄😍
Elissa Wu
I'm shook
Ella W
i want to be fluent in english korean japanese and french. so far im only profficiant in korean so thx
Ellen Kapl
I'm trying to learn Japanese
Esther Jesintha
I know seven languages too...C, C++, Python, SQL, Javascript, HTML, and what did I miss? Oh yes, English!
Fabian Bravo
Interesting I learn alooot👏😯🤗
Fatma Akbıyık
Türkçe alt yazılı olsaydı keşke
I can speak 7 languages but I never did what he suggests...it s a funny guy though!
I talk to my cats in Swedish to practice it,, it works pretty well
Grey Sanz
Trying to learn Italian and I will help teach someone English!
Gustavo Queyroz
You speak portuguese perfectly... (i'm studing english)
He seems too happy. Too happy people scare me.\nGood talk though.
Jasiel Calixto
Wow. I'm from Brazil and when you spoke in portuguese I thought to myself: Are you sure you're not brazilian? You speak portuguese better than me. Perfect Accent! I studied English by myself and now I want to learn german and french.
Jordan Tulsa
This dude reminds me of Carl, the manager who took over the krusty krab in the \
Jt Miner
5:46 Chinese isnt a language tho
Just Messi
I will save you the time;\n1) Make mistakes. 2) Scrap the foreign alphabet. 3) Find a stickler (helping buddy) 4) Shower conversations (like really, speak in the language and ask for directions) 5) Repeat number 3 😂😂😂
It was a really nice video and give some good motivation to start to learn a language. Thank you for sharing... and it is true that we can do some miracles when it comes to learning a new language quite fast.
Lady 'N Dark
I want to learn arabic. Someone Help me. thank u😊
Leilani Howard
I would love to learn to speak Spanish so I can understand the Martinez Brothers and French the language of love I believe.
Lewis Rivers
i think he smoked before doing this lmao
Leyla Aliyeva
I grew up speaking\n1. Azerbaijani (my mother tongue)\n2. Russian (my old school was a Russian-speaking school)\n\nWhen I moved, at school I learned \n3. English (cause the school is an English-speaking school)\n4. Norwegian (the school is in Norway)\n\nAt school, they also teach me\n5. Spanish (I’m not quite fluent, but I’m pretty good)\n\nBecause of K-Pop (BTS), and K-Dramas, I am teaching myself\n6. Korean (Hangeul, 한국어)(I know how to read and write, so I just need to work on expanding my vocabulary)\n\nI’m 15 years old.
No Mr.Sid Abramovich ,it's not so easy to learn foreign languages as you said..It requires some native abilities too..Can you bocome a mathematitian or phisicist learning some key rules?It's surely not..I speak 4 languages too..But I'm aware that I got some abilities that make me easy to learn other languages when I realized that my friends of the same class have difficulties to learn..My father was french language professor and we were talking at home in french when I was 6 years old..AS you mentioned ,I feel very confortable when I want to learn some other laguages..But,I feel very uncomfortable when ıt comes to learn mathematics..You know why?Because I'm not born with these abilities.The same thing for painting,playing football,playing an musical instrument,etc..It requires allways native abilities..You are the lucky guy like me..But do not be so sure that everybody can do the same thing as you did..Finally;What you have said, is true and correct for the guys having the abilities..I can say that it's very hard thing to learn an other language if you do not have the right abilities..
MVP eren
Nice teacher
Magpie Randoms
I am trying to learn French. I'm naturally introverted which puts me at a disadvantage, but I need to push through it.
Mariana A. Acacio
Eu nunca vi um português tão bem falado por um não-nativo na vida! Incrível.
Maryam Bel
i want study french! heeelpp
Mauro DarderLisson
Meghan Keener Opp
You killed it, friend! I'm a linguo-phile myself and have always been driven by the intrinsic motivation of learning in order to enjoy traveling more and connecting cultural elements. Some languages have beautiful alphabets, too - like Hindi/Sanskrit/Nepalese/Tibetan (very similar all).. but agree that it's not the best approach to learning! I gained a great distinction from this talk: my husband and I can practice our French (although he speaks German in the house) as a secret language in front of our 3 year old daughter! Though I hope she sucks it in to give her a third. :) Thanks Sid! Hope to see you soon. Love Mika
Merlapro Mlp
I'm 15 and I can speak Arabic French English Japanese.\nSo if in 3 years (18years old)I learn Chinese Spanish and German wouldn't that be awsome? ??😁😀😀😉
Michel Melndez
He speaks and pronounce the Spanish better than me, I don't how to pronounce \
Mon Mir
Why all people who speak about being multilingual is an easy process and they claim to be multilingual are native English spoken (including teenagers who moved to an english spoken country because they can speak both languages even better than kids brought up in a bilingual family) who lecture in english? Isn’t it weird? \nEven if they are native in other languages and lecture in English doesn’t show that they are fluent in other languages. You have to see them in real life situations.\nI mean he could be fluent in English and portuges no wonder but the rests could be just good imitation of accents and pronounciations and a certain level of fluency.
Morgan F.
For the people talking about how many languages you know, and how old you are, please stop. No, I'm not saying this out of jealousy, I'm saying this because that stuff is irrelevant and ostentatious especially since most of you were exposed to an environment in which that language was dominant and didn't have as difficult a time as others who are not as exposed to the language and have naturally a harder time because said language is not a useful form of communication at the moment.
Muhammad Andri Alfian
Well done buddy, sangat baik, とても すきです
Nash Nagely
OmG I would like to be like you. So smart.
Nath Fernandes
Tinha que ser brasileiro! Muito orgulho ♡
he's so freaking happy. stop it.
6th technique: Smoking marijuana = fluency
Try to explain to that rough and cough don’t rhyme, but pony and bologna do.
I think I spend too much time looking for the \
Ritika Khobar
bts armys and kdrama addicts figuring out to master korean to meet oppa lololololol
Robin McDagger
Shower conversations? I do that too and my brother looks at me weirdly!
Silly Billy
I'm currently focused on Russian, but my plan is to grasp at least enough to hold a conversation in Russian, Dutch, and French someday. Huge goal, but I'm mostly focusing on Russian because it makes me feel very homey and cozy. Something draws me to it, and I hope that I can stay dedicate \u003c3 :'(
Skippy Peanut
Any Spanish speaking people who want to practice German or English? (Native Speaker and C2 proficiency, respectively)\n\nDon't hesitate to hit me up, no matter your skill level or starting point! Instagram is dafty_lorenzo, looking forward to anyone interested :-)\n\n\nBad Spanish translation:\n\nAlguna persona que habla el español y también quiere aprender o mejorar su alemán/inglés? \n\nNo dudes en contactarme, da igual si ya lo estás aprendiendo o quieres empezar!\n\nInstagram: dafty_lorenzo
The most important thing is to familiarise yourself with the sound and tempo of the language. Listen to a radio station or watch movies in target language (no subtitle on, because you are focussing on sound and delivery) and listen and watch how the person moves their mouth and form words and over accentuate this process at first, really enjoying the process of having your mouth and facial muscles form the word and produce the sound. Become an expert at this skill by itself. Once you have immersed yourself for a few months in this then recede to watching very basic programmes with the subtitles on (watching first with target language subtitle on so you get familiar with the words written and spoken, then watch with English subtitle. Watch a particular segment for a few minutes do not read the subtitles and get into the flow of the language, try and see if what is said makes any sense (for instance Italian is obviously Latin based and there is a large cross over of Latin words in English). Then go over the segment again and correct yourself. Do not worry about grammar at all, because you are dealing with material that is grammatically correct, this facility will kick in automatically. Then go back to watching movies, and toggle between higher levels of language usage and the lower levels until you can drop the more basic stuff away. The last step would be to read basic texts, newspapers and also to try converse. \n\nPeople overload the process by trying to learn all the parts in one go, But if you learn rhythm and tempo and sound as well as you can, and choose good material that is natively got perfect grammar - this frees you up to learn meaning on a totally natural way (like a child, expect that you have a stumbling block like the meaning of a particular word you will have to search for that meaning on your own). 
Sombrac Light
I know English and Spanish
Sophia Ziegler
I am bilingual. I speak German and English. Both my parents are from Germany, but I was born in the US, so I only spoke German up until unless 5, and when I entered preschool i started learn english
I do believe there is a kind of universal rule to any language. I mean, I do believe in what Chomsky said about that. People who has mastered a second language usually have no difficulty in learning a third, forth language, etc. But for some people learning a second language is something incredibly difficult. I was shocked because his Brazilian Portuguese was perfect. But then he grew up here...\n\nBut the only so called secret that I know when it comes to language is an extensive reading, listening, watching, speaking, writing and dictionary. And it takes a lot of time and dedication.
Spring Day
That's great! I was waiting through the video he speaking his languages
St Na
Νομίζω ότι το μυστικό του είναι μόνο ένα: Αισθάνεται άνετα όταν κάνει λάθη. Οι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι φοβούνται μήπως κάνουν λάθος και τους κοροϊδεύουν οι άλλοι. \nΔηλαδή, ο άνθρωπος αυτός αισθάνεται άνετα και είναι ευχαριστημένος με τον εαυτό του.
All these 5 techniques are just common knowledge that everybody learning a language already knows tbh\nI was expecting some magical technique or secret, but oh well, I guess there isn't a magical technique after all.
T. F.
I am trying to learn Hangul(Because its cool at least to me) and Deutsch(because of my grandma) at the moment but i also am going to learn other languages later on like Portuguese (because of my friend),spanish( because of my other friend),ect
Taina Hollo
Most of these polyglots have grown up in multilingual families or neighbourhoods. It really seems to be an advantage to learn several languages as a child!
Thomas Berry
I'm taking this dude with me to Europe
Tommy Black
Das war ausgezeichnet! \n\nI am English and have learned some Spanish. I reported a corrupt Spanish Bible translation to a pastor in the States whose bookstore sells it. The joke here is that he asked how an Englishman could understand Spanish. He really did ask that! I did the same with a bookstore in Ft. Worth, Texas, and the guy accused me of being a white Anglo-Saxon! ¡Es un idiota!\n\nI recommend the Michel Thomas language courses, too. Michel was on the run from the Nazis during their rule, and stayed safe by learning several languages. His Step 1 is the same as in the video: chill out and relax. Check out an online video of him working with some teenagers in London, England. It is amazing. The regular teacher was very tense and was freezing the lessons. Michel barred her from the room.
Veni Vidi Amavi
*I'm only bilingual, but my dream is to be at least trilingual, I really want to learn Romanian better. Then I want to learn Spanish, Latin, Italian, French, and many more....maybe Czech or something not Romance language* :) this video was really helpful and I'm excited to learn more languages this spring, since I'll be doing flight training and taking the term off school.\n*I know how to roll my R's already, so I'm a small step ahead!*
Viola Shena
I can speak Albanian,English,German,Italian,Spanish,Turkish,Chinese😄💜
Youtube Moments
alguien puede tener conversaciones en español por favor. lo siento mi español es muy horrible 😂. snapchat- hana_1888
Yuri Yuri
Zero Ichi
I got distracted with his smile
amina bouhrir
any women speak frinch here i want learnt
I can speak a lot languages too 😁\n1.Serbian\n2.Croatian \n3.Bosnian\n4.Montenegrin\n5.Russian \n6.Spanish\n7.English \n \nBen de Türkçe öğrenmek istiyorum 😎
*he looks like a sid*
eyelash 12238
my steps are just:\n1. learn the alphabet (except for mandarin and its dialects because mandarin is a rebel). \n2. learn phrases. don't just cram new words into your head. \n3. break down the words and see how a sentence is structured. then make your own sentences.\n\nEDIT: by sentence structure I mean like Subject, Verb, Object kind of thing.
giorgi kiskeize
Hi people! I'm from Georgia and I want learn Japanese
gray e
this guy is so happy i want to punch him
I don't trust people that are as happy as him....
jowyn lee
I can speak 5 language :\nChinese , Malay , English , Hokkein and French
kamukwo jaspe
Im currently learning Spanish nd i speak french and English \nAm 15
Necesito un compañero para aprender español. Soy de indonesia
lokesha b
Why many people are asking question about his happiness or smile?? \nI didn't understand... We also smile, While taking classes,during seminars, festivals, get-together.. while chitchating with friends... etc. Such a wonderful days it was..
mango nengo
Anyone else tryna learn tagalog so they can catch their family members talking smack about them? ^^
nert momly
I am 14 and i am also hyperpolyglot ;))
rebeca escalona
Why is he always smiling??? Omg I want to be like him!
yongle 05
I can assure you that you won’t get far learning Korean with step 2 😂
zizi Tree
he would be good on playschool.
çalış köle
Hi! I am 18 year old girl. I live in Turkey and I want to improve my English. Is there someone who is gonna help me? We can study on Skype. We can be friends too :D Btw i can teach Turkish :)
ӄለձყር ፫ყፕፎձʝଐ- ӄձዯձᎎձሢይፎหኸ
I know Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin and English language! 😉😎
fala português tão bem nosssssa
It's great for me to do shower conversation. That's because we can try to do it when we are alone. It's very useful way to learn a new language.