Top 30 Clever Marketing Ideas

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This is a list of the cleverest and most creative guerilla marketinglike our facebook page for more fun:

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*Starry *
the shopping cart illusion reminds me of one episode of south park.
1:54 i think it’s just edited in the picture 😂
Lol that on thumb nail is from my country and from my city Warsaw Poland
Aaron Neveu
a lot of these are just bad photoshops off of google...
Amanda Glasner
i really like the Mars truck !! its neat !!
Ankit Batra
Scared of loosing Hair was amazing.......
Auston G
Maybe I'm stupid but I don't get 2:14
i really liked the last one
Azuel Zorro
That Mars truck looks delicious. :3
Bigfoot Digger
BigfootDigger says \
Bo Damkjer Hansen
4:15 Absolutely Sony PlayStation something\n(Can not remember what it was called)\n\nGreetings from Copenhagen, 🇩🇰Denmark🇩🇰.
3rd to last one. The PSP tennis field was the cleverest thing I've ever seen
i liked the windex one with taxi
0:29 “I must disktroyyy you!”
Chrissy Phan
2:10 wut
DARK is my name
I somehow felt that others were photoshoped
Darth Bane
The mcdonalds in my town has a phone booth infront of it with burger king advertisement. Its pretty hilarious
last one's amazing
Decebal Trandafir
The Snickers truck was the best smart ad.
Demon Wolf
I don't get the one at 3:57... Can someone explain?
Dilbagh Singh
Fookat TV
Best is wrist watch add 0:19
Green Lightning
I like the reserved for drunk drivers one
The first one, the dog with the human fleas
유j1L튜j1L브 댓j1L글 영j1L구 [2][0]j1L[만]j1L[원]\n홍보j1L마케팅j1L필수j1L프로그램j1L판매 [ㅋr][톡]j1L[FB55]
Harshit Prakash
2nd one for wristwatch
they all look photo shoped
I don't get 2:10 can someone explain
Ikhwan Jamiil
You're here for 02:07\nThank me later
Jacek Zaluski
I loved the LAST one \
Jaegar Croft
In my opinion many of these are clearly photoshop and not real ads at all, but hey whoever the ones were who came up with the ideas for the photoshop were still clever ideas.
Jammy Gaming
Congratz I've been here since 1k and your already at 5k \u003c3
Jeff B
The wristwatch subway strap was brilliant.
Jhon Badalof
i didn't get the fedex one....
Joh Mine
The durex one is genius
Johnathan Sams
All I see is corporatism and profits interfering with day-to-day life.
Jolli_2000 ROBLOX and gaming!
90% of these are photo-shopped😂
Definetly not that with Mcdonald.... There were just 4 fries....
Karl Rühl
What the hell is the thumbnail
Keep Smiling
2:34 Haha, This is not Cool
Keith Dixon
Most of these are photo-shopped non-sense.
Kevin Dallas
I liked the Mr. Clean one and the Game Boy one, (took me a while to figure out what it was). Didn't get the one about the hamburgers and not being able to show our logo. Anyone get it? I liked all the last 3.
Kevin vs. Gamingz
I don't get the fedex one
Kurtis Black
While yes, a lot of these are photoshops, it does state \
2:21 That's what I call M A R S
Laila Bunny
The homeless kid one
The most clever thing is how you said CLEVEREST
Manish Chanda
All of these are pretty awesome. :D
Michelle Cayson
The watch straps was pretty clever.
Milk Mustache
Mj Ramiz
0:25 I think this is the best
I fucking love this song, But please stop using it for every video.
Muhammad Mirsab
3:45 The best
Myron Ma
2:00 I laughed.
Na Na
Złote Tarasy, moje kochane Grażyny i Janusze. Takie żeczy tylko w Polsce!
I dont get the one @ 2:10
1:19 who tf thinks thats real
Onghienquy Ong
Nice marketing but don't open this this song many many time
Otto Robertson
you should of streched out the video to 5 mins for the extra cash bro
Peggy the Margarita
What I think is the most clever? Definitely not your grammar.
Pranay Tony
3:43 Sounding Indian _Vijay Sales!_
Putte MacGuff
I don't get the one at 2:09.. Can someone explain?
The last one is not good for autonomous car
RoKi Tv
2:16 it's polish\n\n\n\n\n\nThat is normal...😒
Roan Walker
Most of these are fake using photoshop
Roelinn Joubert
So sick and tired of photos lik 3:49 there are millions of white and other races of children who are hungry and poor but noooo always photos of black \
Ryan nayR
Ok people just because they are photoshopped doesn't mean it's not advertising.
Schady 13
The last one
The truck that was candy bar shaped. That was probably an eye catcher.
Simon Raahauge
Reserved for drunk drivers! That is the best one!
SpaceWhale - Cringe
that last one killed me
Stephen Aylesbury
Burger King
The Sony PSP tennis place is awesome xD
Sven Nelson
I know one with Cigarettes and Teeth. I like it
The man with no name
3:20 very clever
The last one was clever. As well as the FedEx vs. DHL one. Kudos FedEx.
I cane here only for \
Don't hit read more\n\n\n\n\n\nJesus isn't real
Tony Mcloughlin
I enjoyed the music track. Does anyone know details :)
0:15 no one holds it like that...
So many photoshops - it'd be nice if there was a compilation of real stuff once...
Xavier bohn #2
4:20 yes
Half of these are photoshopped
anand sharma
All of them are cleverest. U just gave me a wonderful idea💡
caleb winther
The most clever one was the one that was not photoshopped
1:05 Wow how ironic...
delete me pls
2:13 I live in this country and i know it's photoshop cuz i saw this ;)
leah eee
what am I always first :((
min wrapper
lol the dog one almost made me piss on myself idk y but it was so funny
naveen singh
The cleverest one I liked was the McDonalds crosswalk
noshad ahmed
prabu prabu
All are best
shahnawaz amin
Not Understood many of them .
the burger King one? went right over my head
zeus lim
the bench one is horrible
I dont get the burger king one please explainnn