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Mom: What are you doing!?\nMe: studying *NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN*\nMom: ??
2j fan
Aaron Burke
I died when the the German guy said the last one
Aiden Smith
Why tf does it seem like every language has a fucking texture pack on but German is on default settings?
Alan Cantu
I didn’t know Mexican was a language
An Obsessed Queen Fan
Me: Oh my god, I can’t wait to get on the *Flugzeug* can you?\n\nDad: I’m sorry, we’re riding a What?
Andrea Barra
In italian plane is aereo Not aero
Anurag T
MOM: what r u doing son? \nMe:\nI'm studying *NASURWISSENSCHAFTEN*\n\nMom : K come for dinner soon 😄
Mom i found a *SCHMETTERLING* in the garden\nMom:???
Becca Snowball
Ich möchte wirklich in Deutschland studieren!! Du bist sprechen deutsch?\nI also speck English! Btw english was my first language but I wanted to learn german!
Black Scythe
Friend:hey what class do we have next?\nMe:oh we have the NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN
Bob the Scrubbler
My freind is choking on a SHCHISSTERLING call the KRAKENWAGEN
Brandon Pliego
What’s with the Mexican flag but the Spanish accent?
It only sounds different because the German person is literally SHOUTING the words!!!
Chema Brinval
-NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN !\n-Please don't kill me!
Chotaro Kucho
Other languages: pretty sounding and elegant.\n\nGerman: GHHFKLGFHJRRDHDSBHSFBK\n\n\nEdit: 1.4k I'm?????
Classic _Music_love
that was so funny 😂😂😂😂😂its so funny i was drinking at this video an my ice tea comes out of my nose 😂😂😂 im from germany
Cookie Yum Yums
I love how all the German words end in like er or en
Daksheeboy [GX]
0:18\nMan that Freaked me Out
Dark Angel
sO mUCH CLICHE aT onCe -_- 😂
Deiner Dummheit
Neither \
*Don't* *mind* *me* *just* *gonna* *jot* *this* *down* *with* *my* _KUGELSCRHEILBER_
Draven Rick
Hach schön..... 🤣🤣🤣 Danke für den Ausflug in die deutsche Sprache 👍🤣
Eetu Hautala
Now what about Finland?
Elisa M.P
I still want to learn german.
Eric Hughes
Nazi-speak is a pretty angry language
Evan Devin
Is that why Germans sound like they’re arguing when they’re not
As a french, that sounds obvious to me that the french character is not really french ^^
Alter wer betont auch so?
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I got a *apfel* I got a *kugelschreiber* hun\n*APFELKUGELSCHREIBER* !!!!!
Funnel Cake
Sie wissen, dass die schönste Person der Welt das erste Wort dieses Satzes liest
GachaWolf :3
German's sound like my dad when he is exited!
Get Germanized
To all the other Germans here who can't take anything with a grain of salt:\nWhy do you even come here? Don't tell me you didn't know this would be yet another video in which German is depicted as a harsh language? It's really sad how many Germans feel the need to spread their negativity and Klugscheißerei in public. Not saying everyone's like that but many are.
Gez3 67
Call the KRANKENWAGEN, I have fallen and *I CAN’T GET UP*
Gianmario Schettino
In italian it says aereo.
HAPPY walek
he sounds. Like Hitler. That's how we talk
Should have made a behind the scene where we can see the german die laughing!
Isabella Bauer
How did I only find this now 😂👍
Joanna Orlowski
Lol das ist witzig XD
KaninchenGaming -inactive-
help me my leg is broken I need a *KRANKENWAGEN*
Kelley Harris
Lmao I’m dying rn
LPS Sparkle productions
You need the krankenwagen because he fell down the cliff!
Light of the Fatherland
I think the German language is cool and unique.
I swear, German is really aggressive😂😂😂
Mayooo 93D
Ist halt schon rassistisch, nh?
Meta Darkness
Mihir Gole
French is retarted
Mr. Let's Play PS 4 Pro
Hahahahaha wir deutschen kommen nicht alle aus Bayern .....u.s.w.
Mr. NobodyTM•
No nut november anyone ?
Mystic Studios
I am German so in our language this makes sense! Krank = Sick Krank is a female word Female Word = -en. Therefore. Kranken! Then car = Wagen. Put it together and you get Krankenwagen!
Merci de prendre des gens français pour faire une vidéo sur une comparaison de magie parce que là, la prononciation avec son accent est pas TRÈS TRÈS FRANÇAISE......
Møøn kıd łuna
Alter so sprechen die deutschen nicht mal!
germans don't pronounce the words like this!
*the first languages play*\nme: ok this is a calm video\n*german man yells*\nme: *falls off chair* WHAT THE FU-
Nessa Jackson
Mom i need to study for my *NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN* homework
Neve Blumenthal
Me: Hey can I borrow a *KUGELSCHREIBER!*\nClassmate: Wtf?
Niko Lay
Oh father! Look on the street! Theres a kraftfahrzeug
How to say Suprise in German: blitzkrieg
Olivia Wellman
That beautiful *_SCHMETTERLING_* in the garden! Those *_GÄNSEBLÜMCHEN_* too!
Peggy Greenway
All you do is say it in a really angry voice.....
Piotrek b
Every word in German sounds like a warrant to shooting xD
Pong Krell
Don't worry german friends, hungarian sounds just as weird to other people as german
Pontus Häggström
Ambulance... Ambulance.. Ambulanza... ambulancia... KRANKENWAGEN!
Preston Powell
I don’t know why but I laughed at this for a minute straight.
Queen Biotomia
A: Hey what class do you have next?\nB: NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN
Queen Of Thine Bitchery
Ramen resangen
What if they say hail hitler?
Randi Walby
I'm German and this is too funny
Reach me with that hand Y O U C A N N O T
You: Hey, what's your favorite subject?\nNew German Kid: *NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN!*\n\nEdit: Thank you all for 1K Likes!!
In Italia si dice aereo
Samovar maker
Semi Order
time to write my *_NATURWISSENSCHAFTEN_*_ paper with my _*_KUGELSCHREIBER_*
*Someone gets hurt by a car*\nyou: QUICK CALL A KRANKENWAGEN!!
Southern Yummies
As someone who speaks Spanish, English, and German this is on point!🤣
Spaetzle Monster XD
I‘m german...and this is hilarious 😂
Tara Peltzer
I love this! As a German, I can totally relate to this! Whenever I go to different countries, when people hear me speak German on the phone, they're like: *_Are you ok? Are you fighting with your boyfriend?_* . And I'm like: *Ummmmmmmm, no*\n_THEN_ they ask me if something bad happened, but the truth is I'm just telling my mother back in Germany what I have been doing. *_Crazy_*
Tea Time
I am German 😂and it was hilariouse, nice vid 👍. But we don't pronounce all words so hard .....our language isn't as melodic as french but we don't Sound sooo Angry all the Time, expect when we are actually furiouse then ....oh well....😉
Tfsr0 Unknown
Es ist irgendwie lustig, weil es wahr ist lmao
Thori Thoroddsen
*in a test at school\n*notices that hes missing a pen\n*leans towards another guy sitting next to him\nhey can i borrow your *KUGELSCHREIBER*
Tia Paris
These comments are killing me 🤣😂
Yasmin Fadil
Ok but the italian pronunciation was so bad
You got no jams
Yung Dingaling
Zia Reantaso
this is so racist
Oh je... der cringe faktor ist gerade sehr hoch😲😲😕
bin halt Julia
Voll übertrieben, ich hasse unser deutsches Klischee 😂
cxli official
Those comments are funnier than the video lol
hey can I borrow a *KÜGELSCHREIBER*
pepe the frog
. ..........\n ..........
snazzy flutes
some loser
Okay why does the mexican guy sound italian but Spanish???
sven stk
Nobody in Germany talks this aggressive 😂
Ériton Sena
You're walking, when suddenly... ÜBERRASCHUNG \\O/
im italian and airplane isn't 'aeró'\nit's 'aereo'