PASTOR Reacts to Joyner Lucas - Im Not Racist Video!!

I got to do a video with my dad!! I watched this video a couple days ago and thought it be fun and good to hear what my dad had to say about it being that he's a pastor .He's a champion and has good things to say! if you like what you see hit subscribe and please share!!PATREON ACCOUNTIG account: Nate.Alger for more motivation and music!

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Aidan Mccorristin
The taxes part is true
Al Haughton
You and your dad are great. I appreciate your dad's views. The language is hard, but without it it's not real.
Alex-Anne Riley
Ur father is very red😂😂
Alexis Boucher
God bless his soul (dad) and he made a good point about media intensifying things, but I could see that he didn't feel the message as deeply as son... Aka the younger generations... Dad either is being political or really can't feel the message behind the words. Forget curses, this song hit deep into the reality of American experiences. It should make us hurt to know that the things spoken in this song are reality for a lot of people. \nLove,\nHistory teacher
Aliyah Garretson
Most people's reactions i've seen jumped to a side before they even heard each person, I like how he didn't pick a side. The song wasn't made to pick a side. Your father is a very thoughtful person.
Anthony Barbuto's vids
Apzpower P
It's like 1 half and the other half say f it.
Your dad understands but I think it’s super closed minded to think that religion is the only way to break barriers🤷🏽\u200d♂️
Babyy' Niquee
Wow! I Give Your Dad Hella Props && Credit For Sitting Thru A Video With So Much Uncomfortable Language but His Answers To Your Questions About The Video Really Was Wise && True Facts!! God Bless Him 🙏❤
Beau La Breche
Wow I thought I was white your dad glows in the dark. Then again i still at 44 years old I love MR Rodgers
Benji Merino
The best part 15:26
Brian Meza
Just opinion. I hope no one is offended. But I've thought about this. Indifference towards color sometimes leads to indifference to culture. I think we need to not be indifferent, but learned. And appreciative where we can.
Broderick Dansby
LOL the cringe 😬😬😁 is over 9000
Bryant Kennedy
Your dad is a wiseman. Who loves life and the human race. Ups to your dad bro
Buddha Leaf
Charlene Coleman
ChubTv !
I subbed your dad is awesome 👏
Cloud Strife
ThePhilosophicalMisfit \n I am a Puerto Rican man and I like your dad and hope you show him this. God unites us all with his love
Cobi Jackson
The first mistake was calling us African Americans we are Americans
When people say “I see people” or some variation of that, meaning individuals have to make choices independently, it’s a deliberate denial of reality. I mean earlier, he referenced culture and that you are surrounded by what makes you who you are. Culture sets soft parameters that guide individuals and base your experience on what you’re exposed to. So even if the individual makes choices all of the mistakes and learning will happen within those parameters of your culture until you see something new. And I mean really see, like take it in and understand a different set of parameters. We’re all products of our environment in some way.
Dave Lopez
Proper white family are so humble. God bless this Pastor.
David Brown
At about 8 mins he loses a ton of points in my book. People we don't NEED religion to close racial gaps. People are capable of decency and morality without being led by religion. Stop it. I'm a human, you're a human shades and colors are for art, not humanity.
Dennis Kohl
Yes at the end they hug, more importantly they keep talking to each other. Understanding and willingness to listen is in my mind the important point to take away from the video.
What is up with people and durags some other races don't know what it is or used for and they always talking shit about it or people wearings it calling them thugs and shit
Emmet O Driscoll
Your father is right the media does thrive off different people and different cultures being divided. Which to me is sickening
Eseosa Edo
Africa is a great . They like to hide a lot of things I’ve been to Nigeria twice the culture,food and houses are beautiful and the fact he was kinda saying that maybe they are better of in the USA is rude firstly if slavery didn’t happen maybe Africa would be different if the Europeans stopped stealing from us it would different we have the gold and the oils but don’t Benifit a lot like other continent when they take it
we need more people like your dad in this world
Gary W-l-o-t
The is the perfect song to play real loud when you're at the grocery store.
Gracie Asante
I like how your dad didn't hate it right away, he took it with an open mind and tried to understand it. These are the kind of people I like haha
Haze Capra
sure, Christians will love each other no matter skin color, but if your gay then you are dead to them
Instinct _
He has a brain
JNT 24
I love how people in the comments are speaking on a race they know nothing about but have heard about on social media so they think they know everything about that And white
Jack Frost
Bro your pops keeps it 💯
Jacob Jackson
I watched faces get increasingly more red as the video went on lol.
Jake E
Interesting that the younger man never mentioned that it was the same (African American) rapping BOTH PARTS, and that it wasn't actually a white man talking/arguing with a black man...
James McBride
Jane Ellis
White version of BucketHeadNation
Jenn H
Your dad is a great man but I disagree on seeing people as “colorless.” I think we SHOULD see color, we SHOULD see history, we SHOULD see our differences and embrace THAT. Saying you don’t see color feels like its downplaying where that person came from for the sake of “being one race, the human race.” People should learn to accept each others differences and still coexist as equals. I don’t want someone to look at my brown skin and say they don’t see it, my skin color and where I come from makes me who I am and I don’t want that ever erased.
Jennifer Jefferson
I don't want to be colorless I want to just love and respect people for who they are and accept and embrace differences
Jesse Woods
I love seeing all the comments of all races having peaceful conversations about the problem. It really gives me hope for the future. 🙏
Jet Park
Wow...Did he just say slaves were better of in America? What about the millions that died on the slave ships? What about the torture, lynching, rape and humiliation of a captured race? Yes we need to move on. But I am amazed by some peoples ability to downplay/water down our captive history.
Jody Garrett
I would attend to ur dad’s church !!
John Ramirez
Joyner Lucas is black but a white guy is lip syncing
Jonas Nera
ur dad seems like , wise man but when he open up his mouth and brings \
Joshua Miller
I feel like a lot of the white community doesn’t understand that Africa’s major growth stunted and impoverished nations are a side effect of millions of people being stolen from a country and enslaved. Some of the poorest countries in Africa today were some of the wealthiest before the slave trade and had it not been for slavery the whole country could be in a far different place today. Look it up. Shit is heart breaking. And yes now America is the best place to be but that doesn’t mean it’s good for everyone. I couldn’t bear the shit some black folk go through on a day to day basis man. Just got to remember to make a difference as often as you can in the lives around you and the world will change for the better.
Kain Pope
Pastor just said it, \
Karla Jaimes
Honestly I don’t want to be black or white I just wanna be a man today, all this separation of cultures, we should all become 1 group, it doesn’t matter if you’re white, black, Mexican,Asian,Chinese, Canadian etc. we all need to spread a message of equality ❤️🤗
Katt P
Black ppl are indigenous to this land we were everywhere first, the lie we all come from Africa needs to stop for real.
Kevin Garcia
Eminem is the best
Lewis Young
“If your a negative person you will find negative people” that’s most real thing I’ve heard someone say in while
Liu Tze Long
Everyone is mad because it’s a white man reacting to it. I’m sorry but did you not realize there’s two sides to this or are you just mad because you didn’t get the opportunity to play the race card?
LoserAnime Fanboi9000
Joyner Lucas uses these actors as a personification of the black and white race, not in the way of speaking in a black man's shoes or a white man's shoes
Lynn Marie
I'm only at 6:51. I feel as tho in a way your dad just kind of tried to say that blacks benefited from being slaves because they were brought to a place of \
MJ Apple Head
Your dad is a wise man. Great reaction!
Mar MDog
This may seem like stereotyping but I think they are talking about a viewpoint that they come up against often. I've known people from both sides of the viewpoint that they are portraying. I think their point of making this song wasn't to stereotype, but more as a tool to use as an example of how to communicate with someone whose viewpoint differs from your own. They demonstrate that it's possible to communicate with others who have a different point of view. The do it without any physical violence or gun violence and in the end they each gain some understanding of the other side and how they came to feel the way that they do. The most difficult part about mend these wounds is being the 1st to start talking about it. But that is what needs to happen in order for us to mend. Are we brave enough to meet this challenge?
Marquise collins
I sub i love your dad he understand very much
Mason X
Mike Gross
I love how everyone misses the point of this video. He explains that both sides turn the arguement into black vs white when its culture vs culture.
Whether we are better off here in America or in Africa, is really not the point. Our ancestors didn't have a choice. They were taken away from everything they knew & loved. Slavery created a ripple of pain throughout America & Africa that is still being felt today. Who really knows what Africa would be today if slavery hadn't happened.
Ned Orton
Son of a pastor, your dad means well, but I dont think he gets it.
NeverStop #OnThatGrind
Literally the first white people I’ve seen react to this.
Peanut Butter Parker
‘‘Tis mans is wiseeee
I think your dad secretly agrees with the white guy, he seems uncomfortable, your dad comment on Africans came to America????????? came??? I am so sad and he is a pastor!! He missed the part they were treated inhumane manner, sold and forcefully brought to work and build the country and he said are they better off? Your dad was extremely diplomatic lol
RAC King
Shoulda just ended the video at 2:09, because the dad just summed up \
Rangi Akuhata
This pastor tried to intellectualise his feelings instead of just saying outrightly if he did or didn’t agree with the points made in video 😡
Ravenstorm Studios
I don't believe in god but i'd go to his church haha
Ronja Richter
This is the best reaction video to Joyner Lucas' video😊 😇
Rose Knight Galaxy
For a pastor I'm actually surprised he agreed that religious separates us as human beings and when it comes from a pastor that's how you know that it's true #HugMore
Ur dad looked very uncomfortable in this video. He pulled through it. I just dislike the part where he said \
Rusty Rifle
Your DAD need to visit Africa i'll sponsor him for a safari.
Why do we need to difference people based on their skin color? I am not white, not black, not brown, i am HUMAN
The song is just talking about the majority of the black community and I don't agree with everything the white guy says but I do with a lot of it
Sidney Jordan
Just came across your YouTube and I must say I loved this video with your dad . You most definitely just gained a subscriber
Soul Punker
What you neglect to see is when the settlers and Spaniards and English went to Africa to get the slaves we destroyed them and then when we tried to take over and colonize them we destroyed them so again it's our fault in the first place it doesn't matter if they have better lives here then there we also caused there's too
Stephen S.
As a believer Im frustrated with the men in Christianity who have become to effeminate and especially pastors who are more concerned with a politically correct watered down message. Yes, slavery was an atrocity..150 years ago. We have bent over backwards to make no avail. The TRUTH is that what the white man on the video is indeed true. Its never okay to lie as a Christian. Jesus called people out for who they were. There is indeed racism on both sides but all you have to do is look at the facts. Black violence against whites..thru the roof. Black men rape white women at an extremely high rate while white on black rape is virtually non existant, welfare, affirmitive action, quotas, abortion, doctored SAT scores, playing the race card,etc.. The Apostle Paul said \
The C Gang
If it wasn't for black people we wouldn't be here today remember that....
Tell your dad to read the Qur’an/ koran and make a video! It’ll be interesting to see the similarities
Tyler Hoffman
All this to interpret and he comes up with \
U down wit O.P.P
You have a great dad 👍 i dont believe in the church but it seems to have given your dad an open heart 😊
UnKn0wN NiTr0
I hate when people say they can't get a job
Universal Gemini
Show your dad, \
More “opportunities” what are you talking about dude africans didnt have any freedom in America slaves worked until they died hit the dirt and reborn to reset the cycle so “yea” i think they had more opportunity in Africa where they had a chance of living
Zacharia AZN
Everytime I hear that hard ER it makes me so mad
ZeRo RaIn
this also breaks the stereotypes of pastors being these dogmatic demonic monsters the new agers and \
b l
Thank u bc ur dads right not ever black person is like that
black jaguar
Skin color shouldn't be the cause of separation
I like your dad. His options are well said. #Justlove
gelo caparaz
Your dad is wise
I would say the hug isnt actually the most important message. I think that's the end result after listening to whatever the other one has to say. In the first verse, the black man didn't got up to argue but he let the white guy speak out his heart and he listened (because in the second verse he replies to some of the points)..\nLets Just listen more instead of argueing at eachother! Then we could be able to understand eachother more..... And eventually hug it out :)\nPeace, love, Unity, equality and respect from Holland :)
johnny pukhrambam
See from a rapper's perspective Joyner Lucas got \
jon oliver
god it kills me that no one here knows that Africa invented slavery and sold rival tribe women and children slaves to white people and they would kill the grown men plz people do research
muhammed patel
Tell your dad to listen to the people who warn him away from crime-ridden areas. Don't wanna die, you know...
Can I just add that, I love how you pause and discuss with your father for a brief minute and resume watching the video. It makes the reaction very effective.
This kinda shows the mindset of a non racist white person. Like some of his thoughts are racist like the \
Çrâsh TJE
Africa is a great place. It's only certain areas in Africa like the way the tv show. Just like your dad said media likes to show it that way.