The Greatest Treasure: Learn Italian with subtitles - Story for Children ""

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Peter has set out on a treasure hunt. Will you care to join him?Illustrations: Stoopid AnimationsMusic: Holger JetterAnimation: BookBoxFREE Apps for iPads & iPhones:

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Ana Paulina Gomez Sandoval
Cool but Italian I am a beginner I found this video really helpful! Pronunciaton and accent are really complicated for me , cause sometimes I feel like Italian is similar to Portuguese!
BENARSON Elie Sergio
buongiorino tutti, che bello cartoon. Mi piace bene. Sara possibile di creare un \
Boxterades Productions
I’m learning this language and this helps. Thank you.
Brian Beyer
Ho fatto una serie di flashcard per questo video su quizzlet. Andare a quizzlet e cercare lì\
Bruce Oberon
Hey Brian,\n\nYour quizlet was a great help! Do you plan on making more for other bookbox stories in Italian? That'd be awesome!
Caolan McMullan
That was so cute! I love Italian - Irish man
I didn't understand anything. :(
Daniele Di Grazia
Perchè volete imparare l'Italiano? ahahah
Donegal Danny
trovò-trovare, raggiunsero-raggiungere\n\nBoth past remote tense.
Erica Johnson
Lol its so cute! I almost cried in the end lol
la tartaruga è gigante
Frank C
What is the name of the voice actress?
I would be pretty angry if I had to cross half the world just to become friends with some animals
Gianluca Pierre-Louis
Grazie, ho godito questo.
And then the lion ate the goat.
Hatem Alzenaidi
No 🇮🇹 in the app
James Campbell
Thank you very much for this story. I enjoyed it and it's helping me to learn Italian.
Jimmy Russels
Came here after learning a bit of Italian on Duolingo. Can barely understand what the story is about :(
Joseph Anthony
Che trovo un amico, trovo un tesoro
Kamilly Berto
Are you learning italian?
Kara Crail
I loved their stoney faces at the end.
Karen Ho
The background music is always fantastic!
Kathleen St. Clare
Love this video, but the speed was a bit too fast so i put the speed at .75 ... now i hear every sylable which is important. i put it on Loop too so it repeats while i work in the house. :-)
Kyla Salgado
Sto imparando l'italiano, é molto difficile a impara per io
This would be great if it had English subtitles!
Language Lover
Learn Italian with Karim
Aaaw, so sweet. Grazie mille :)
Mady Macalouu io sono Maliano
Molto Belissimo
A trovare questa storia mi piace! Sto imparando l'italiano e lo mostrerò ai miei altri amici chi studiare italiano anche
Melvin Harris's helpful.
Mobin Mohammadnia
non \
Mohanad Noon
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pietro incontra solo gli animali
Moises Nadal
Grazie amici per avermi insegnato l'italiano. L'italiano è la lingua più bella del mondo.
1:15 \
Say a lion
Robert Karl Skoglund
Jag tykker om det. Valdig intressant. Tack for den. The humble Farmer
Roberto Bassani
molto buono
I want to learn italian but i dont no how, they dont it in my school. im 15 years old and I badly want to learn\n
Salif Prao
What's up with the camel\n\n
Tiixx González
Great for learn grammar and words too. But really bad end, it sucked. Rosa goes to the city, and Tucket the Bucket were way better than this one!
Tio Peperino
really cool stuff :D io sono un alunni del italiano and this was really nice and my brain understood parts of the story :D
Tom Conradson
At 4:17, the turtle is magically three times bigger than it should be.
Tom The Fish
When your Italian so weak, you struggle to understand most of this
Tristan Rodriguez
As an adult trying to learn italian, I spent much of it thinking about how they are not eating one another, let alone a kid I would have just gone along with it lol.
Viviane B
Mille Grazie! Come è bello!
I cannot find the tense of the words like raggiunsero or Trovò. Can anyone hint on that? Thanks\n
angel Love
I love it! Thank You!~ :-)
Hello. You didn't understand because of the language, or video's feature? If is the language it is normal to take a while to get used to it. If is any issue with the video, can you share in more details so we can think of ways to improve the videos. Thank you!
brian parent
I seem to be seeing many verbs which are using 'passatto remoto' tense. This one is new to me and I'm not sure why this tense is being used instead of passato prossimo. Any Italian grammar nerds out there can help me out?
più bello!! un bellisimo racconto per i bambini e anche per gli adulti ♥
fatima zohra
i coudnt find any pdf in bookbox site except in english , how im i supposed to learn italian
ma non céra rischio dello affogare...per l'aquila
Trovò looks like trovare, future tense, first person. Raggiunsero... non lo so! But it reminds me of raggiungere...
I've been studying how to understand Italian easily and found a fantastic resource at Hartlyn language lessons (check it out on google)
Ho bisogno di lavorare sul mio italiano perché non posso capire questo lol :P
jane bowden
i found her accent really easy to follow, She has a pleasant voice and enunciates clearly.
is the conjugation correct here, at 2:04 \
michael attard
I hate u because my mum makes me study your words
I'm trying to pick up italian knowing french and english. It seems pretty straightforward except verb tenses and plural suffixes. French seems to be a great advantage as an analogy and for guessing roots of words.
ravikumar a
Which is Best websites to watch Italian cartoons with English sub?
omg so emotional can't stop crying
Abbiamo trovato un gufo da mangiare insieme come amici.\n\nI'm learning pretty well so far.
it is passato remoto (past historic) ..this tense is often used when narrating a fairy tale
Che bello!!!