Francesco Gabbani - Occidentalis Karma (Official Music Video)

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“OCCIDENTALI’S KARMA” by Francesco GabbaniLabel: Bmg Rights Management (Italy) SrlPublishing: BMG Rights Management (Italy) Srl / Baby Angel Music Srl / The Saifam Group Srl / Music Union SrlISRC code of the song: ITDV91600040

(Italy) 2017 BMG Francesco Gabbani Karma Management Occidentali's Occidentalis Karma Occidentali’s Karma Ocidentalis Karma Pop Rights Sa... s.r.l.

A Akim
“Essere o dover essere, il dubbio amletico contemporaneo” (“To be, or have to be, the doubt of the Hamlet of these days”) recalls the famous line in 0Shakespeare’s Hamlet “to be or not to be” but with a change, because in our society the real doubt is to choice between to be, to have substance, or have to be, that is the appearance.\n\n“Come l’uomo del neolitico, nella tua gabbia 2×3 mettiti comodo” (“As the man of the Neolithic, make yourself at ease in your cage of 2 × 3 “). This verse seems to compare the prehistoric man [Neolitic is the New Stone age, ca. 10000-2000 BC, transl.], to the modern man. The first lived in a cave, but the second finds himself in increasingly small spaces. The reference to the 2 × 3 meters could refer either to the size of the offices, which are often only cubicles, or to the apartments, where many of us live.\n\nEasy answers, unnecessary dilemmas\n\n“Intellettuali nei caffè, internettologi… L’intelligenza è démodé risposte facili, dilemmi inutili” (“Intellectuals in cafes, internettologues … The intelligence is out of fashion, easy answers, unnecessary dilemmas”). Here it is stressed that now anyone with an internet connection feels himself like an intellectual and you think you know everything just because you can do a search on google. While true intelligence is overlooked and undervalued in our society, we want quick answers just a click away, but that, in fact, arises only silly questions.\n\nThis concept is also reflected in the second verse when he says “tutti tuttologi col web, coca dei popoli, oppio dei poveri” (“all ‘we-know-all’s with the web, the people’s cocaine, opium of the poor”). The reference is to the famous Karl Marx’s phrase “religion is the opium of the people” According to the German philosopher, the people, especially the poorer classes, seeking consolation from the misery in which they are in religion and in the promise of a better eternal life in comparison to the earthly one, just as you look for a distraction from reality through drugs. Today this is the consolation in the internet search, where we all are “we-know-all’s” believing to be experienced and knowledgeable enough to be able to have their say on any topic or event. Also in their social profiles, they all show to others a full and happy life trying to erase the pain and suffering in this way.\n\nanonymous selfie-addicts\n\nSoci onorari del gruppo dei selfisti anonimi“‘ (“Honorary Members of the group of anonymous selfie-addicts”). Westerner addiction of today is not the alcohol, but to take selfies, a sign of our vanity and narcissism; that’s why in this verse, Alcoholics Anonymous are replaced by anonymous selfie-addicts.\n\nAAA cercasi storie dal gran finale, sperasi, comunque vada panta rei and singing in the rain” (“WANTED stories from the grand finale, hoping for whatever happens panta rei and singing in the rain” [The three A’s is a habit in Italy to put your announcements as first in the alphabetic list, transl.]). The singer recalls the famous Heraclitus’ “panta rei” phrase meaning “everything flows”, ie that everything is always in progress, everything changes and nothing stays the same. Western man seems looking for a glorious finale, but in any case, everything will go on, without giving yourself too much importance. It also refers to the song “Singing in the Rain” eponymous musical, symbol of carelessness.\n\nWANTED virtual humanity\n\nThe second prechorus says “AAA cercasi umanità virtuale, sex appeal, comunque vada pianta rei and singing in the rain” (“WANTED virtual humanity, sex appeal, whatever happens plant rei and singing in three rain”. It recalls as more and more to us trying to establish relationships and relationships on the internet, with people who we have never even met; you feel the need humanity, but you prefer virtual contact.\n\n“Lezioni di Nirvana, c’è il Buddha in fila indiana, per tutti un’ora d’aria, di gloria”\n(“Lessons of Nirvana, there is the Buddha in a single line, for every hour of air, of glory,” [‘fila Indiana’ refers to a single line, one person wide, to make the queue/ennemy look smaller when you approach your ennemy. ‘Indiana’ refers to the native Americans. transl.]) The refrain, as explained by the same Gabbani, refers to how more and more Westerners are seeking inner peace in Oriental arts and then go to “nirvana school”. In fact nirvana in Buddhism is the ultimate goal in life where you find peace and you are free of pain. The moment of meditation becomes “the hour of air”, literally means the moment when the prisoners in jail can get out of their cells, and then the moment when the West tries to take a break from your busy life, but in reality we can not fully understand these practices because they do not belong to us and, as stated by the singer, we turn out “awkward” and maybe even funny, as the picture of “Buddha in single line.”\n\nThe naked ape dances\n\n“La folla grida un mantra, l’evoluzione inciampa, la scimmia nuda balla. Occidentali’s karma” (“The crowd shouts a mantra, the evolution stumbles, the naked ape dances. Western’s karma”). The mantra is a sacred formula repeated continuously during meditation. In my opinion, this verse may refer to all those situations where we’re continuously repeating a phrase or slogan, as at the disco when we together sing the hit of the moment with our hands into heaven. At that moment, the evolution of the species seems to take a step back and the man dances. In fact, “The Naked Ape” is a book of the zoologist Desmond Morris, where he studied the man, watching him with a scientific approach as an animal, comparing its behavior with those of primates.\n\nKarma, which literally translates to “act”, indicates in religions and Eastern philosophies the law for which man is responsible for his actions and each of these corresponds to a result that will have repercussions in future lives, and while a good action produces a result positive, negative action will have negative consequences.
ALICE Tattini
Sono l unica che ancora adesso adora sta canzone??
Adi Kd
i'm so disappointed it didn't win the eurovision.\nthis is the best song of eurovision 2017\n it deserved to win.\n I hope francesco will come back to eurovision and win
Aketza León Rodríguez
12 points from Spain
Alberto Ruschetti
Da affezionato metalhead dico : questa canzone è una perla indescrivibile
Alessandro Guidi
Alessio Citro
Chi la sente a inizio 2019?🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹❤️ Metti like se sei italiano
Alice Colombi
Continuate a visualizzarla...facciamola arrivare alle 200 milioni di visualizzazioni...magari entro il suo compleanno ❤💪😉
Aman Singh
Namaste ,from India
Andrea Camazzola
Ci sono piu commenti stranieri che italiani sotto questo video! (il che è fantastico)
Andrea López
Adoro esta canción. Amor desde México❤️
Andrew Cuevas
Love from the philippines!!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
Bong Shot
1 year and half later and this golden piece of music is still goin viral here and there around the globe. The fact Gabbani didn't win Eurovision 2017 can be considered a definition of how unprofessional the contest is and how the votes are rigged. Not to mention who won 2018 EV, GARBAGE. SHAME. Occidentali's Karma is, and always will be a masterpiece no matter what \u003c3
Claudia Spina
200 milioni di visualizzazioni... per me la qualità conta molto più della quantità, ma se penso a tutte le tappe che Occidentali's Karma ha attraversato nel suo viaggio non posso fare a meno di sentirmi orgogliosa di te. Complimenti, Francesco ❤
Cristian Baffi
Dicembre 2018?
Still here after  Eurovision. ❤
Amazing song. Beautiful voice. Handsome singer. ❤😙❤
Davy Klaassen Antoine Griezmann
200 mln 👏\nGrande Francesco , hai portato la musica italiana in alto in questi ultimi anni 👏\nMeriti solo applausi 👏
100 MILLIONS REACHED.\n\nAnd Eurovision didn't even start.\n\nThis is just out of this world.
Dominika Truszkowska
it makes me want to learn Italy language :D
Don't even think About it
Soooooo CLOSE to 200M😍😍😍
Eleanna Contestabile
Bellissimo ❤️❤️❤️
Eugenio uge
Like chi la ascolta nel 2019
Better than the Eurovision version
Foglie Arrese
Con questi 200 milioni abbiamo scritto la storia! Orgogliosa di te ♥️
Fra The gamer
1.000.000 di like Francesco, che dire, complimenti davvero! Ti meriti tutto il successo, questa canzone è bellissima!
Francesco Sibillano
Like se la guardi ancora
Gabriela Bermudez
Soy colombiana y me gusto mucho este video♡
Giovanni Allegri
Sembra fosse ieri, invece sono passati anni
Giulia Vaja
È fantastica questa canzone la amo♥️
Giulio Tulliani
It was a crime it didn't win the Eurovision. WTF people?!?!
Giusy Ammendola
Mitico Francesco sei nella storia❤❤ 200 milioni di visualizzazioni nessuno come te😀Complimenti
Greet Amundsen
1/01/2019 !!\nitaliano e bello ! Magnifico !! 💎\nFrom Norway \u003c3
HA02 Fernandes
Questa è stata la musica che mi ha fatto iniziare a imparare l'italiano.\nMolto speciale per me.\nAmore dal Portogallo
12 Points from Albania!Good job.. Bravo
Il Volantino sul Web
Like chi lo guarda dopo 18 mesi
Ma solo a me piace guardare i commenti degli stranieri e sentirmi fiero ?! Comunque spero che vinca l'eurovision , io ti ho votato 😉
Inquisitor Maik
lingua piu bella del mundo #1 Italiano :D #2 giapponese ;) auguri della germania!!!
The real winner, right here! I was at the grand finals, his performance blew up the hall! I was very impressed, everybody started dancing with his signature moves and screaming \
L' Arte della Crescita Personale
Chi la sta ascoltando nel 2019?
Le Voir
Germany 12 points! :D Can't stop listen this song!
Linux toy
Chi ascolta a Novembre 2018
Lucilla Lucino
Complimenti Francesco! Traguardo importante, meritato e sudato, che ti ricompensa dei troppi anni di tentativi andati a vuoto. Ti auguro di cuore che sia solo l'inizio di una lunga e luminosa carriera, ora che il sole finalmente splende anche per te ( da \
*E a pensare che è uscita due anni fa.....*
200 MILIONI !!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULAZIONI, CAMPIONE.....Te li meriti tuttiiiiiiiiiii !!!! :-))))))) (...mi sono commossa) :-)))
Marchewka Stephane
Un super hits aurait mérité \nMieux à l eurovision \nDommage
Marcoez saponara
Like chi lo guarderà fino a morire
Marcy Machine
ma sono l'unico che con la canzone di sottofondo mi diverto un sacco a vedere i commenti stranieri
Mari S
Like se sei qui per fare arrivare il video a 200 milioni di visualizzazioni 😉
We’re learning this song at school
Mikołaj Murczkiewicz
200 millions! Much love from Poland 🇵🇱❤️🇮🇹
Omg I'm so envious of italian people. They can have a previous contest with a lot of great songs while here in Spain... Let's not talk about it. I loved most of the songs that were in Sanremo 2017 well done Italy ;D
Mobile Saga Gameplay
Este tema es increíble! Saludos desde Argentina!
Naomi Agreste
25 Dicembre 2018?🥳🥰♾
Nicola Cives
Oceania TV Officiel
Best song ever luv u Francesco💞💕👌❤️👍🇮🇹 🇮🇹 \n (from an ivorian 🇨🇮 )
Tiene un buen ritmo dicho artísta. Saludos.🇲🇽
Pablo Méndez Seoane
Can someone explain why Italy in 6th place? THIS TUNE TOTALLY DESERVED THE WIN! (Portugal is also amazing, but this is everything, the lyrics, the message, the music, the art, the charisma, the freaking everything!!)
Pietro Junior
199 milioni di ascolti... wow, ti auguro tanta fortuna nella tua carriera. Sei il futuro della musica italiana
Quelli Che Dipendono Da FORTNITE
A poche ore del 2019?
Regan macneil
No habló italiano pero entiendo la canción
Rosana Portillo
Buongiorno vengo da la argentina😁😘
Sick Ranchez
The King of Eurovision
Silver97 Gamer
Why this majeustous song doesn,t win eurovision
South park 80 Hrc
Love this song from France 🇫🇷 ❤️🇮🇹
Suleman Mazher
Chi la sente tutt'ora?
Sylvia Olsen
This song is so great and gives me the amazing feeling of joy. I don't like this song I love it :D Vietato morire of Ermal Meta is great as well and beautiful. I listen to them every day. Saluti from Poland :)
Tasos Spyrou
Bellisima canzone. Mi piace molto. Amore a Cipro.
Tawane Figueiredo
Que musica incrível.\nMais alguém do 🇧🇷 aqui?
The Default Skin
Gennaio 2018?
200 milioni di visualizzazioni fa, qui c'era il delirio, dove mi ci sono tuffata allegramente e non mi pento, Grazie Francesco e complimenti! Noi continuiamo a ballare così 😂😂😂!
Tiziana Ferri
ottobre 2018... sono ancora qui... a respirare di nuovo un'ora d'aria...tra tutti questi internettologi del web... namastè...ALEEE'''
Tsuyama no Kinsan津山の金さん
♫♦♫♦・*:..。♦♫♦*゚¨゚゚・*:..。♦ Fantastico 👍゜.+:。(*´v`*)゜.+:。💕
Valentina Guido
Era nell'aria!!!!\nComplimentarmi Capitano!!!!\n200mln di visualizzazioni....sono un regalo bellissimo per soprattutto per la tua Gabba Family!!!!\nFiera di farne parte!!!\nE alla faccia della canzonetta......
Valentina L
Me encanta esta cancionnnnnnnn,mucho amor de Colombia ♥
Valerio Carnicelli ASR
Il fatto che sotto questa canzone ci siano commenti da parte di \
This music is very very beautiful!!\nFROM SWEDEN(-:
Yasmin Gonzalez
Mi piace moltissimo... (Un abbraccio da Cuba)
be4 Teb
Like chi la ascolta quasi nel 2019
blue dragon 00
I was really love this song
carabinieri comunali
Sei veramente un grande :-😀
Il 9 settembre mattina vogliamo fare tutti insieme un regalo a Francesco? Raggiungiamo le 200 mila visualizzazioni daiiiiii.. Spargete il link ovunque ❤️ oohhhmmmm
6th place? Seriously Europe? This deserved atleast the top 3
Remember people, the important thing is not to win the Eurovision, the important thing is that an artist manages to continue to succeed beyond a victory or not in an event like Sanremo or Eurovision. The skill of Gabbani was just that, after a year, is still on the crest of the wave, something that maybe other artists after having achieved the success of the moment were then forgotten, but this is not the case with Gabbani.
I think I cannot love Italian language more than I do. And if furthermore a masterpiece like this one is sung in Italian... \n#ITALY12POINTS
juan sanchez pantoja
settembre 2018 e dal Perù la stiamo cantando..
laurie ferrari
200 Milioni!!! Congratulazioni Francesco! Traguardo meritatissimo! Canzone originale e intelligente sempre di più nella storia 👏👏👏👍🏼👍🏼🎉🎉
12 points from Croatia!!!12 punti dalla Croazia!!! 12 bodova iz Hrvatske!!!
Gli Italiani potete essere felici del vostro bravissimo artista Gabbani.\nN.B. = sono francese e vi auguro un buon anno, e mi piace tanto l'amicizia francoitaliana.
maria lopez
Chi la ascolta nel 2019
padrig bauguen
Bravo From France ! Complementi Francesco ! Namaste ! Allez ! 🎶🎶🎶
popcorn and water
Oh, I love Italy, I'm from India
stefano manenti
QUASI 198 MILIONI ........PAZZESCO!!!!!!
200 milioni di visualizzazioni! 🤗❤😘 Complimenti Francesco! 😍😘❤🌹 Te lo meriti tutto il successo!🔝😍❤ Sei sempre l'immenso per me! 😍❤ Ti voglio tanto bene! 😍😘❤
whitecat 1
This is the best eurovision song ever!
Ömer Faruk Telli
100 MILLION of views! Love from Turkey ❤