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I love you.
Albert Benny
Too gloomy
Anya Rene
I think your videos have great content BUT please slow way down first and very slow on the sentences and have the audience slowly repeat it with you until it’s full speed maybe 3 times together with you.
Bakary Darboe
Very wonderful video I like it, but slow down your Italian, am living in torino for 3 years now but Italian language is very difficult for me so I need your help
Bubakar Manjang
How is everything
Cent Hify
You are Good, but just try and speak little slower👏💥💥💥💥💥
Clement Treasure
You are too fast
Empress Prinezio
Too fast , but interesting
Ethan Trejo
: helpful P:
Gilbert Francisco
Great video
Golden Sure
This the best of all I love you for this encouragement thank you
Goldin Bennet
Very nice video. Recently we added an Italian young lady to our family which is a good reason to learn Italian. Thank you.
Hassan Mire
Grazie insegnante.
Kamara Ansuman
Great job.. really interesting.. keep it up,.....
Laila 123
I love you my sister please download a lot of viedos
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Liaqat Ali
Ciaocapoo 💜💋 bello 👄👄🥀👌
Malik Noor
Qual il tuo numero parfovre
Martha Gomez
You are so cute.\nThank you for the videos.
Muhammad Yasir
ich mag dich ❤
Mustapha Njie
My favourite teacher Desiree, you are the best
Olga Morales
Too fast. Repetition, and slow will be better to hear well the pronunciation. I speak spanish...so much of the words are easy to get it. Thanks.
Olimpia Del Prete
for exemple: l like to hear speak !
Rafael Rodriguez
Cacchio su tutto ciò che si muove ... cazzo di merda ... quando troverò una ragazza in condizioni?
Renato Sáenz
fell in love in 3 seconds
Rita Pasini
Plese Desire can you talk more Slov in English? Becouse in your lesson i try to learn The English word thank and your lesson is very interestyng and also your explay thank
Rob Gar
I love your videos 😎
Sean Lott
Wow! A lot of lonely men in the comments section. I clicked to see if anyone commented about how they wished Desiree would repeat the Italian phrases a few times, instead I find a bunch of thirsties professing romantic interest in Desiree.
Sellou Fofana
Very Wonderful video, you said you wished to say orgoglioso one day to your kids. I would love to get to know you and have a wonderful kids like you will beautiful like you.
Simon Conteh
Accurate my dear
Usama Gondal
Helpful ☺
Zuma Monday
I really like to learn Italian language please speak swolin thanks
binta jallow
How can you talk about breaking up when we have not even fallen in love? Wonderful experience in Italian with such a lovely girl. Ha Ha Ha!
gabby Talent
tianjiao wang
i would recommend that you can add the pictures of the food aside so that we can understand better ! :)
Ани Самарджиева
Mi piace lezione!\nBravo!Grazie!😍